The "Dashboard" section of Coupon Countdown is designed to provide you with all of the information about the app's conversion results. You can see which triggers and sales funnels are most effective to help you in your optimization efforts!  

Total Statistics

  • Completed Orders Revenue - provides you with information about how much revenue was made with a CouponCountdown discount.
  • Popups Generated - displays how many popups were generated total.
  • Coupons Generated - displays the total number of coupons generated. The coupon is only generated if the customer clicks the "Get Discount" button on the coupon popup. (Percentage from Popups Generated  - determines the percentage of generated coupons from the total of popups generated).
  • Checkouts Started - displays a number of users that started a checkout with a CouponCountdown discount. (Percentage from Coupons Generated - determines the percentage of users who navigated to Checkout after a coupon was generated).
  • Orders Created - displays the number of orders created with CouponCountdown discounts. (Percentage from Started Checkouts - determines the percentage of users who bought products with a coupon code after that Checkout was started).

Top Triggers by Conversion Rate - a list of your top converting triggers, a value that represents an amount of orders created to an amount of popups generated by a particular trigger. Click “Show All” to see more detailed information.

Top Triggers by Orders Revenue - a list of your top revenue producing triggers, indicated by your currency value. Click “Show All” to see more detailed information.

Latest Orders - a list of your latest orders and which trigger was used for the order. The most recent order is shown on top. Click “Show All” to see more detailed information.

Detailed information about Triggers

When you click the "Show All" link below any of the three categories above, you will be taken to a screen with detailed information regarding  triggers and their performance.

Note: Click any of the column titles to sort in ascending or descending order. 

Conversion Rate

Orders Revenue

Latest Orders

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