The Coupon Countdown app allows you to incentive your customers to complete an order on your store using time constraint and a coupon code that is dynamically generated through a popup on desktop devices and a bar on mobile devices. 

You set how and when the coupon popup or bar will show through the creation and configuration of Triggers. 

You then set the type of Discount to be used and configure who and what it can be used for. 

After a coupon code is accepted by your customer through the popup or bar, a success bar will follow them around their shopping session reminding them that they have a limited amount of time to use the coupon.

Once they initiate the checkout on your store to complete their order, the dynamic coupon will be automatically applied for them! 

The app also comes with a statistics suite so you can see which triggers and sales funnels are most effective to help you in your optimization efforts. 

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