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PayPal Checkout

If you're unable to get Reference Transactions enabled for your PayPal account, then use this PayPal integration option for OCU instead. In order to use this integration, you will need a Premier or Business account with PayPal. If you have a Personal account, you can choose to upgrade it after logging in to your PayPal account. 

Important Notes:

  • This integration will give the PayPal option at the "Payment Method" step of the OCU checkout. It does not work with the "PayPal" button on your store's Cart or Checkout pages. 

  • If you are connecting a new PayPal account, then PayPal will put a hold on it for a period of time, as a way of protecting the merchant from fraudulent charges.

    OCU checkout only works with the IMMEDIATE_PAY method for PayPal, so it's recommended to wait until your new PayPal account is verified and only after that, connect and enable the PayPal Checkout integration for OCU.

Connecting PayPal Checkout:

*Note: You will need a PayPal Business account to use this integration. Go to your PayPal Profile under My settings and verify that your Account Type is Business, or upgrade your account.

Follow the quick and easy steps below to create your app to get your Client ID and Client Secret.

1. Navigate to https://developer.paypal.com/developer/applications/ and click the "Log in to Dashboard" button: 

2. In the My Account section, make sure you have the following features enabled for REST API apps in the Live column:

3. In the "My Apps & Credentials" section make sure to click into "Live" mode:

4. Also in the My Apps & Credentials section, scroll down to REST API apps and click the Create App button:

4. Enter the App Name (OneClickUpsell for example) and then click on the Create App button:

5. Copy the keys from the Client ID and Secret fields:

6. Open the OCU app from your Shopify admin and navigate to the Payments > PayPal Express Checkout section. Click the drop-down menu next to the PayPal processor name and select "PayPal Checkout" then click the Save button.

Note: You need to disable the app first to make changes to the payment processors. This can be done in the Settings > General section of the app by clicking the Application Status switch to the Off position.

7. Set the Enabled switcher to YES. Paste your API credentials into the appropriate fields. Click on the SAVE button to store your settings and you're done! 

Display only certain credit card Logos on the OCU checkout:

By default, all credit card logos are shown. You can choose specifically which credit card logos you want shown in-case your store only accepts certain ones through PayPal. 

This section allows you to check/uncheck the supported credit card icons you want shown on the PayPal section of the checkout page after the customer signs in to PayPal and is redirected back to Checkout to complete their order. 

Just make your selections and click "Save".

Checkout Flow for your Customers:

When your customer is using the OneClickUpsell checkout, they will be presented with the PayPal payment option at the "Payment Method" section of the checkout (the last step). When they click the "Complete order" button there, a PayPal window will open where the customer needs to either Log in to their PayPal account or use "PayPal Guest Checkout" with a credit card:

After the customer logs in to PayPal (or uses the "PayPal Guest Checkout" option) and completes payment for the initial checkout order, they will then be redirected to the first OCU upsell offer page.

*Note: If the customer uses the "Guest Checkout" option from the PayPal popup, they will be required to re-enter their card information each time they want to add a post-purchase upsell to their order. This is because if the customer doesn't log in to their actual PayPal account, then there is no information for us to reference when they go to add an upsell offer to their order.

When the customer clicks the "Add To My Order" button on the OCU upsell offer page, a PayPal payment confirmation popup will be shown. The customer will not be required to log back in to PayPal if they've already logged in:

*Note: The Shipping Address entered at Checkout is where the order will be shipped to, not the "Ship to" address listed in the customer's PayPal profile (if the addresses differ).

In order to add the upsell product to their order, the customer will need to click the "Pay Now" button on the PayPal popup. When clicked, it will add the item to their order and they will then be redirected to the second upsell offer page.

Note: The PayPal payment confirmation popup will be shown each time the customer clicks the "Add To My Order" button on the upsell/downsell offer pages. The offer product will only be added to the order after the customer clicks on the Pay Now button in the PayPal popup.

Testing the PayPal Checkout integration:

We always recommend the store owner to run through a couple of test orders beforehand so that they know exactly how the app will present the post-purchase offers and to see if any issues arise. 

To do that, add an upsell tagged product to your cart and then click the checkout button. You should then see the OCU app's checkout launch and you will see "/apps/secure-checkout" in the URL bar if the OCU app's checkout launched successfully. Then, make your purchase using PayPal as the payment method. 

NOTE: It is important to make a payment of at least $0.50 for the initial purchase in order to see the post-purchase upsell sequence. Otherwise, it will take you right to the Thank You page as soon as the main checkout is completed.

You can always refund yourself after making the live test order(s).

You can find more information on testing your OCU checkout and upsell funnel here: Test Checkout

And processing refunds here: Refunds

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