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Google Address Autocomplete

To help decrease checkout abandonment and increase purchase conversion rates, OneClickUpsell checkout supports checkout address autocomplete through the Google Places API. Simply follow the steps below to obtain your Google API Key to enable this on your store. 

Note: the Google Places API is a paid service and subject to Google's terms and conditions. Please see additional details at the end of this article

Google Address Autocomplete currently works for addresses for customers from the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Japan, United States, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain and Brazil.

To enable this functionality, just paste your Google API Key into the OCU app by going to Settings > Page Defaults > Checkout Page. Click the "Customize" button there and under the Appearance > Address Autocomplete section, click the switcher for "Address Autocomplete" to enable it. That will reveal a field where you can paste in your Google API Key:

How to create or find your Google API Key

Note: You will need a Google account for this.

1. Go to the Google API Console by clicking here.
2. Click the "Create Project" button there:

If you already have a project(s) created, then you can add a new one by clicking the project drop-down:

Then click the "New Project" button there:

3. Name your new Project and then click the "Create" button.

4. From the Dashboard, click the "Enable APIs and Services" button.

5. Search for "Places API" and select the Places API.

6. Click the "Enable" button for the Places API.

7. Search for "Maps JavaScript API" and select the Maps Javascript API.

8. Click the "Enable" button.

9. Go to the "Dashboard" section in the left-side menu. There you will see the two APIs you just added. Select the "Places API" by clicking on it.

10. Click into the "Credentials" tab. Click the "Create credentials" button and select API key

11. Copy your API key. This is the key to paste into the OCU app at Settings > Page Defaults > Checkout Page.

Congratulations, you're done! 

Restrict your API Key (Optional) 

The API key you just created is unrestricted by default. To prevent unauthorized use and quota theft, restrict your key. Learn more

If you'd like to set restrictions, click into your API key. You can set restrictions by Application or API. Application restrictions specify which web sites, IP addresses, or apps can use this key, so we recommend to use this option.

Select "Application restrictions" then HTTP referrers (web sites). Enter in your website's primary domain and any other domain(s) you use and click the "Save" button. 

Note: We recommend adding your domain(s) in the following way with a wildcard asterisk (*) at the end like this for example: 

  • https://www.yourstore.com/*  

  • https://yourstore.com/*  

It may take up to 5 minutes for settings to take effect.

If neither of the above work for you, then try your store's primary domain with no asterisk instead. Learn more about how to restrict my API key to specific websites? from Google by clicking the link.

Usage Limits & Pricing

Important Note: Google Address Autocomplete for the OCU app uses your Google Places API created using the information described above. This is a paid service. Your monthly bill will change depending on how many checkouts are initiated on your store. 

Google recently updated its API pricing plans and took away previously imposed API limits (great for users with a high volume of API calls), but also changed the free 'credits' that were previously part of every plan to a new $200/month recurring credit. This change may impact the cost of your plan. While small stores may stay under the $200/month credit, some stores may incur charges. We recommend logging into your Google API account to understand what you are being charged.

Based on our estimations, that $200 monthly credit is good for approximately 10,000 OCU checkouts per month. After 10,000, you would need to start paying Google about 2 cents per API call made.

Important: Enable Billing

As of July 16, 2018, to continue to use the Google Maps Platform APIs, you must enable billing on each of your projects. If you choose not to add a billing account, your maps will be degraded, or other Maps API requests will return an error.

Review the API-specific Billing Changes and the guide to understanding billing. You can also estimate your monthly bill under the new pricing model with the pricing calculator.

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