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Test with a "Live" Checkout Test

In order to properly test your upsell funnel, you'll have to run an actual live test order using a live credit card. We always recommend the store owner to run through a couple of test orders beforehand so that they know exactly how the app will present the post-purchase offers and to see if any issues arise.

Note: Live tests conducted by the store owner are being subjected to the 1.5% upsell revenue fee for any upsell/downsell offers purchased. We recommend to apply a 95% discount to your upsell/downsell offer pages during your test(s) to ensure you are being charged a minimal amount.

1. Add an OCU trigger product to your Cart and then click the Checkout button.

2. If successful, you should be directed to the OCU app's checkout.  You will see "/apps/secure-checkout..." in the URL bar if the OCU app's checkout launched successfully.

3. Complete payment for your checkout order. The first upsell offer page will be shown next! 

NOTE: It is important to make a payment of at least $0.50 (either product or shipping) for the initial checkout purchase in order to see the post-purchase upsell sequence. Otherwise, you'll be taken you right to the Thank You Page as soon as the main checkout is completed.

Post Checkout Offer Sequence:

  • The upsell offers will continue to be presented if the customer continues to accept the previous upsell offer presented. A maximum of 3 upsells offers can be presented. 
  • If they decline the first upsell offer, the first downsell offer will be presented. If they accept or decline the first downsell, they'll be taken to the TY page. 
  • If they decline the second upsell offer, the second downsell offer will be presented. If they accept or decline the second downsell offer, they'll be taken to the TY page. 

Issuing Refunds

Refunding OCU orders is a 2-step process. You can refund yourself in your payment processor (to return the funds to your card) AND in the Shopify Orders section (to keep inventory and reporting accurate) after making the live test order(s).

For more information on processing refunds please view the following help section here: Issuing Refunds 

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