⚠️ There are now 2 versions of OneClickUpsell. If the app was installed from the Shopify App store, you’re using the OneClickUpsell Native version which has a blue/orange color scheme. For the OCU Native knowledge base click here.

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Enabling and Disabling the app

To Enable the OCU app: 

Click on the Settings button from the app's left-side navigation menu to be taken to the General settings section. Click the "Application Status" switcher there to enable the app:

Once you do that, the OCU app will sync your Product information from your store. This usually only takes about 1 minute, but if you have a very large volume of products and product variants, it will take longer. Please be patient! 

Enabling the app also adds the code to your theme files that is needed for the app to function correctly. The Snippet file ocuapp-theme.liquid  and the render of this file in your theme.liquid  file before the </body>  tag:

{% render 'ocuapp-theme', ocuapp: ocuapp %}
{% assign ocuapp = true %}

To Disable the OCU app: 

Follow the same steps described above, but this time click the "Application Status" switch to disable the app. You will then be presented with two options for disabling the app:

  • Soft Disable (recommended):  All new checkouts will be redirected to the native Shopify checkout. Customers who are currently checking out are able to complete their purchase for the next 10 minutes after which time the app will be disabled. *Note: if you choose this option you won't be able to re-enable the app until 10 minutes has passed and the app becomes fully disabled.

  • Force Disable:  Customers who are currently in checkout will not be able to complete checkout and will be immediately redirected to the cart page.

Note: Disabling the app does not cancel your subscription

Publishing a new Shopify Theme?

When you publish a new Shopify theme, you just need to turn the OCU app off then back on using the "Application Status" switcher so that the OCU app's code will be added to your new theme's files. Until you do that, the OCU checkout will not initiate on your new theme. 

OCU Updates

The majority of the OCU app's updates won’t require any additional action on your side and will not cause any interruption to the app's functionality. They will simply occur in the background! 

In the case of a rare major update when the app needs additional permissions to update its features, you will be prompted to re-install the app (just like during the app setup process). Make sure to do that, otherwise OneClickUpsell might stop functioning properly.

Removal of the app from your Shopify account:

If you no longer wish to use the OneClickUpsell app on your store, below is the proper removal procedure.

1. Click on the Settings button from the app's left-side navigation menu to be taken to the General settings section. Click the "Application Status" switcher there and select the Soft Disable option. 

Note: The app will become fully disabled 10 minutes from then, giving any customers who may be currently checking out on OneClickUpsell checkout time to complete their order. If you want to disable OneClickUpsell immediately instead, then the Force Disable option can be used. 

*Note: We recommend waiting about an hour to delete the app after disabling. This will allow any current orders to be created and imported into your Shopify store.

2. Delete the app from your Shopify Apps section:

If these steps are not followed, then the ocuapp-theme.liquid  Snippet file will be left behind, as well as:

{% render 'ocuapp-theme', ocuapp: ocuapp %}
{% assign ocuapp = true %}

...in the theme.liquid  file. They will need to be deleted manually if desired. To do that, go to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code in your Shopify admin. 

NOTE: Leaving the Snippet file and render/assign tags in-place will not cause any issues to the functionality of your store. But, it's always best to remove all files associated with an app that has been deleted.

Once the app has been deleted from your Shopify store, your OneClickUpsell subscription will automatically become cancelled within 48 hours if we don't hear back from you that you'd like to keep it active. 

Re-installing the app?

If you delete the app from your store and then re-purchase and reinstall at a later time, the OCU app and all of the settings, upsell funnels and offer page edits will remain in-tact and be restored upon re-installation. Just as long as you reinstall the app on the same Shopify domain as before. 

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