1. Switch off all OCU funnels 1 hour prior switching to PayPal Express. This way all checkouts started with your current processor will be finished correctly.

2. Go to Settings > General and click the "Application Status" switch to disable the OCU app. If your app is already disabled, disregard this step.

3. Go to Settings > Payments > PayPal Processor.

4. Click the switcher next to the "PayPal Processor" section to the Off position. 

5. Click on the "Processor" dropdown menu and select PayPal Express Checkout.

6. Follow the steps in the following article to obtain your API credentials to connect PayPal Express Checkout to OCU: Connecting PayPal Express Checkout

7. Within OCU, click the switcher next to the "PayPal Processor" section to the On position. 

Your PayPal account is now connected to the OCU app using the "PayPal Express Checkout" integration!

Once connected successfully, you can then re-enable your Upsell Funnels and re-enable the OCU app on your store once again. 

As when connecting any new payment processor to OCU, we always recommend running a live test order to ensure everything processes and works smoothly. 

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