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The 1-step process gone over in this help article should be used if you need to refund the entire order, the initial checkout, an upsell offer, a downsell offer or any combination of those transactions.

If you need to refund an exact amount from the order, then use the 2-step process gone over in this article instead. 

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Processing a refund for the Entire Order

1. In the Orders section of Shopify admin, look up the order you want to refund and choose "Refund OCU Order" from the "More actions" dropdown menu. 

This will take you directly to the OCU refund screen for that order. Skip to Step 4 and  continue with the remaining steps. 

Alternatively, from the Home section of the OCU app, click into the Checkouts section. 

2. From the Checkouts screen, search for the customer's order number or email using the search field. 

3. Under the Actions column, click the "Refund" button.

4. On the Refund screen, click the "All transactions" checkbox to select all transactions associated with the order.

5. If you need the items to be restocked in your product inventory, check the "Restock item(s)" checkbox. If you don't want to refund the shipping cost, check the "Don't refund shipping cost" checkbox. 

6. Once you're ready to process the refund, click the "Yes" button to refund the entire order. 

7. It will process and you will see the following success message:

Processing a refund for Part(s) of the Order

1. Follow Steps 1-3 listed above.
2. Select the specific transaction(s) from the order that you'd like to refund by checking the box next to each one. 

3. Follow Steps 5-7 listed above. 

Verifying the Refund was Processed Successfully

To verify the refund was processed successfully, check within the following 2 locations:

1. Your OCU connected Payment Gateway (Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal etc.) that was used to process the transaction(s) for the order.

2. The Orders section of your Shopify admin.

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