⚠️ There are now 2 versions of OneClickUpsell. If the app was installed from the Shopify App store, you’re using the OneClickUpsell Native version which has a blue/orange color scheme. For the OCU Native knowledge base click here.

*Note: The Amazon Seller Central interface you see in the video above is outdated and has since been updated by Amazon. The information and steps shown are still relevant and basically the same.

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Connecting Amazon Pay

Follow the steps below to connect Amazon Pay to OneClickUpsell:

1. Navigate to https://sellercentral.amazon.com/ for a US located business. Or use the appropriate domain for EU countries and Japan:

2. After successfully signing in to your Amazon Pay merchant account, select Integration Central in the Integration menu.

3. On the next page, click on the View client ID/store ID(s) button at the bottom of the page in the "Manage client ID/store ID(s)" section:

4. If there is no previously created configuration for OCU on the Manage Client/Store ID configurations page, then click the "Create new configuration" link:

*Important Note: You will need to register a new application/configuration specifically for use with the OCU checkout, even if you already have an existing application/configuration that is being used for Shopify checkout.

5. Add Configuration details:

  • Application or store name

  • Description

  • Logo (store logo for example)

  • Privacy policy URL

  • Allowed JavaScript origins

  • Allowed return URLs should be added

Note: Leave the "Mobile app settings" section unchecked.

Fill in the "Allowed JavaScript Origins" field with your store domain(s) in the following format: https://storedomain.com
*If your store has multiple domains, add them here as well using the "Add another URL" link.

In the "Allowed Return URLs" field, add your store domain(s) with the following format: https://storedomain.com/apps/secure-checkout/amazon/callback
*If your store has multiple domains, add them here as well using the "Add another URL" link.

6. Once you've got the Configuration details filled out properly, click the "Save changes" button to save the configuration.

7. Navigate to Integrations > MWS Access Key

8. Choose the Application Name (or the store name in Configuration details) that you just added under the "Login with Amazon Account Information" section from the dropdown menu:

9. Click on the "Copy your keys" button:

10. Copy your keys and then navigate to and open the OCU app from within your Shopify admin's Apps section:

11. Disable OCU from the Settings > General section of the app (if it is enabled) by clicking the "Application Status" switcher to the off position (green means on):

You will be presented with two options for disabling the app:

  • Soft Disable (recommended): All new checkouts will be redirected to the native Shopify checkout. Customers who are currently checking out are able to complete their purchase for the next 10 minutes after which time the app will be disabled. *Note: if you choose this option you won't be able to re-enable the app until 10 minutes has passed and the app becomes fully disabled.

  • Force Disable: Customers who are currently in checkout will not be able to complete checkout and will be immediately redirected to the cart page.

12. Go to Settings > Payments > Amazon Pay within OCU and click on the "Import keys" button:

13. Paste your previously copied MWS access keys (Step 9) into the opened pop-up. Click on the "Import keys" button:

14. Your keys will be imported and populated into the appropriate fields. Next, choose the "Account Region" in the dropdown menu. Click on the "Save" button.

15. Finally, enable Amazon Pay by clicking the switcher shown in the screenshot below. Wait for few seconds until you see the " ✅ Successfully saved" notification.  

Important Note: If you are going to use the same Amazon Pay account created using the connection to Shopify, you may experience an issue with connecting the same account to the OneClickUpsell app. In this case, you will need to contact Amazon Pay Support to activate your Developer Keys first.

OneClickUpsell can now be enabled in the Settings > General section of the app by clicking the "Application Status" switcher to the On position.

Hide the "Amazon Pay" button on the OCU checkout

It's recommended to have the Amazon Pay button available at the first step of checkout since it's a smoother checkout flow for your customers.

However, the Amazon Pay button can be hidden from the first step of the OCU checkout using this setting. You may want to do that if you think your customer demographic would prefer not having the Amazon Pay button there. If you'd like to hide the Amazon Pay button from the first step of OCU checkout, just click the switch to the "On" position and "Save". 

*Note: If you enable this setting, Amazon Pay will still be an available option at the "Payment Method" step of checkout which is the last step. 

Testing the Amazon Pay integration

We always recommend the store owner to run through a couple of test orders so that they know exactly how the app will present the post-purchase offers and to see if any issues arise. 

To do that, add an upsell tagged product to your cart and then click the checkout button. You should then see the OCU app's checkout launch and you will see "/apps/secure-checkout" in the URL bar if the OCU app's checkout launched successfully. Then, make your purchase using Amazon Pay as the payment method. 

*Important Notes: 

  1. It is important to make a payment of at least $0.50 for the initial purchase in order to see the post-purchase upsell sequence. Otherwise, it will take you right to the Thank You page as soon as the main checkout is completed.

  2. An Amazon Pay session is live for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes has elapsed, the customer becomes logged out. This works in the same way on the native Shopify checkout as well. 

You can find more information on testing your OCU checkout and upsell funnel here: Test Checkout

You can always refund yourself after making the live test order(s). More details on processing refunds can be found here: Refunds


If you receive an error after adding your keys and clicking the enable switcher:

...then double-check on the following in your Amazon Pay account:

Once those two steps are completed, attempt to connect the Amazon Pay integration to OCU once again and it should work correctly after that.

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