Note: Due to the reasons described in this article, we don't recommend to use Shopify "Automatic" Discounts together with OCU checkout. 

What are Shopify "Automatic" Discounts?

Shopify "Automatic" Discounts are a somewhat new discount type that you can create and then have applied automatically at Checkout and on Cart.

Unfortunately, Automatic Discounts are not currently supported via API (which is what OCU uses to create and import Shopify Orders), so we can't technically use them correctly on OCU Checkout. how does this affect my OCU orders if I'm using Automatic Discount(s)?

If an OCU trigger product is included in your "Automatic" discount configuration, the OCU checkout will still be used and the discount will still be applied, but the following three scenarios can also occur:

1. The "automatic" discount will not be shown as being applied at OCU checkout as it does on Shopify checkout. The discount is still actually applied correctly to the product(s), but isn't shown as being applied at checkout or in the order.

Shopify Checkout with Automatic Discount applied: 

OCU Checkout with Automatic Discount applied: 

Therefore, the store owner and customer will see a discrepancy between the paid by customer and total price figures for OCU orders: 

Note: The customer will still be charged correctly, but a pricing display discrepancy will be shown in the order and on the customer's invoice, which can be confusing. 

2. The customer can apply an additional "simple" discount at OCU checkout even when an automatic discount is already applied. So two discounts would be applied in this case reducing the price beyond the desired level, which wouldn't normally be possible. 

3. If PayPal is used as the payment method at checkout, then the following error will occur when the customer attempts to login to PayPal: 

Paypal Error: 10413: The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts

The buyer wouldn't see this message, they just wouldn't be able to log in to PayPal and complete their purchase. The PayPal and/or Complete order button(s) would appear to be non-responsive from a customer standpoint.

For these reasons, we don't recommend to use "Automatic" Discounts together with OneClickUpsell checkout. 

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