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By setting up a Default Offer Page Template, you can save a lot of time when creating new upsell offer pages for your upsell funnels by reusing your default styles.

Access and edit your Default Offer Page by going to Settings > Page Defaults > Offer Page. Settings changed there will not automatically modify existing offer pages, only use those settings for new offer pages you create.

If you'd like an existing offer page to use the default template settings, click the "Reset to Default" button when working with a particular offer page in the Offer Page Editor.

To save an existing offer page as your new default template, click the "Save as Default" button when working with a particular offer page in the Offer Page Editor.

Configuring the Default Offer Page

To configure the available options for your Default Offer Page, click on the "Settings" button from the left-side navigation menu. Then select "Page Defaults" and click the "Customize" button below "Offer Page":

Just like when working with an individual offer page's settings in the Offer Page Editor, the same settings can be found here in the Default Offer Page section. 

The only difference is that not all settings here can be saved as default since they should be configured on a per-offer page basis. The settings which can not be saved as default are the following:

  • Predefined Quantity

  • Discount

  • Offer Description

  • Product Details

For those particular settings, you will see this icon and information:

There are also in-app Desktop and Mobile preview windows you can use to view previews of your default offer page on different device types.

Click the "Preview" button to see the default offer page "preview" opened in a new browser window. 

Once you've configured your Default Offer Page Template to your liking, don't forget to click the "Save" button to store your changes. 

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