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Learn how to use the Statistics section to view all of the important data about your ZP pages and their performance!
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Connect your Google Analytics account:

The Statistics section allows you to connect your own Google Analytics account to the ZP app and display the most important page data right within the app. 

Your Google Analytics account can be connected either through Settings > General > Tracking section of the app or by clicking on the “Connect Google Analytics” button when in the Statistics dashboard to be taken there.


  • Zipify Pages collects no statistics in-app, but uses data from the built-in Google Analytics integration for Shopify instead (Online Store > Preferences > Google Analytics in your Shopify admin).

  • Total Views and Unique Views data is being pulled from the Behavior > Site Content > All Pages section of your GA account.

  • Conversion Rate data is from the Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages section of your GA account.

Statistics Dashboard (overview):

Once your GA account is connected, it will automatically load all Accounts, Properties and Views from Google Analytics for your selection:

The ZP Statistics dashboard replicates Google Analytics' behavior for your convenience. Use the date picker above the graph to select a reporting period from a pre-defined set of values or a custom date range.  

In order to build the graph you also need to select one of the available metrics. “Sessions” is the default metric, so the graph will be built based on sessions by default. Other metrics include: Transactions, Revenue, E-commerce Conversion Rate and Avg. Order Value.

Use the second drop-down menu to build a graph for some other metric and compare it to the initial one. 

The left-hand-side's axis will show the data values for the first metric chosen (Sessions in this example) and the right-hand-side's axis will show the data values for the second metric chosen (Transactions in this example). Hover your mouse/trackpad over a point on the graph that you’re interested in to get the exact value of the metrics in this point. 

Use these tabs to select the time interval between points on the graph (day, week, month):

Below the graph you’ll find total statistics for the selected time period by these parameters: Total Revenue, E-commerce Conversion Rate, Transactions and Avg. Order Value.

Using the "Compare to" feature:

There’s also the ability to compare results for two different time intervals. In order to do this you need to select the “Compare to” checkbox in the date picker popup window and then specify the date range for comparison to the original. 

This will build graphs for both selected time periods in the same area, so they can be visually compared. 

The detailed stats table will also change to display stats for both selected periods at once + the difference between them (in percents). 

Per Page Statistics:

The table below that contains detailed statistics for each page. Click any column's header to sort the table by that statistic in ascending/descending order. As you scroll down the page, the Page Statistics Header will stick to the top so you can see the relevant information. 

Check the "Display /pages only" checkbox to only have the statistics about the landing pages on your store shown in the graph and page statistics table:

There is also an option to choose a "Secondary Dimension" to see more information about your pages. Available options include: Page Title, Source, Medium and Source/Medium.

If the "Compare to" option is chosen, then it will also display stats for both selected periods at once + the difference between them (in percents) for each individual page.

Connect to a Different Google Analytics account

If you're already logged-in to a Google account in the same browser session where you’re wanting to connect your GA account to Zipify Pages, then ZP will automatically use that active Google account to connect to Zipify Pages.

If you need to connect a different Google account instead, then go to Settings > General > Tracking and click the "Connect a Different Account" button. 

Important Note: Changing the Google Analytics account to an account that doesn't contain data from your Shopify store will result in no statistics being displayed for Split Test and in the Statistics dashboard.

If you are currently not seeing any data in those parts of the app, click the Confirm button to connect the right Google Analytics account.

If you're using Zipify Pages on a second store and want to use a different Google Account, Property or View from the first store:

Since Google logins work by browser session and there can only be one active Google login per browser session across all tabs, the way to handle this situation would be to use a different browser for the second store to connect your other Google account there or to use a different Property or View under the same Google account for the other store. Alternatively, a new Incognito/Private window can be used for the second store on the same browser. 


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