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Learn how to work with the Booster Page coupon delivery system for Zipify Pages!
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Booster Page automates and simplifies the distribution of Amazon and Shopify one-time use coupons. The Booster Page functionality is a two-page process consisting of a coupon opt-in page which is followed by a coupon delivery / thank you page.
After a visitor opts-in, their email address and unique discount code is also sent to your connected CRM mailing system so you can setup a campaign / flow / automation there as well.  

Booster Page creation process:

Follow the steps below to get your Booster Page campaign up and running: 

1. Upload an Amazon / Shopify one-time use coupons list (.CSV file) in the Settings > Booster Page section of the Zipify Pages app:

Your coupon codes can be created and downloaded from your Amazon Seller account or from your Shopify Discounts section respectively. After creating the codes, save them into a CSV file and then upload them. We've found the best option is to create a Google Sheet and add your codes there. Then save that Google Sheet as a CSV file. Then upload that CSV file:

After selecting the coupon file, a list with a default title will be created and all of the coupons from the file will be imported. You can click on the list to see the coupons. Each coupon has a name and a status (New and Used).

You can change the coupon list's Title by clicking into a particular list and then clicking on the Settings (⚙️) button:

You can add more coupons to a list by clicking into a particular list and then clicking on the "Add to list" button:

Note: You can only add unique coupons to the list.  Duplicated coupons won’t be imported. Adding an existing coupon to a created list will be rejected. The CSV file should be a single column of unique one-time-use codes.

2. Create and Publish a "Coupon Delivery / Thank You Page" template in the New Page > Booster Page section: 

Note: Don't worry about configuring the "Coupon Delivery / Thank You Page" yet. Just Create it and Publish it for now. This page needs to be published first to complete the setup process. 

3. Create a "Coupon Opt-in Page" template in the New Page > Booster Page section. This template also has a Booster Page Opt-in that on a published page, will show the number of remaining coupons from your list. A running out of coupons state is also available for the Booster Page Opt-in.


  • "Booster Page Opt-in" and "Coupon Delivery" blocks are both unavailable in the general Block Library. You can add them via the "Add Existing Block" feature instead if needed.

  • The number of remaining coupons will only show correctly on the LIVE optin page. XX will be used as a placeholder in Preview mode:

4. Each button and image on the "Coupon Opt-in Page" template is configured with the same destination of "Booster Page":

5. Configure the "Booster Page" settings for the "Coupon Opt-in Page" by clicking on the "Booster Page" section in the header of the page constructor. If for at least one of page elements the "booster page" destination is selected, the header of the page constructor will have a Booster Page button for this functionality settings:

Configuring the "Booster Page" settings and "Opt-in popup" within the Page Constructor

Booster Page Settings:

1. Select your supported CRM from the "Select CRM" dropdown. If you haven't connected one yet, go to Settings > Integrations to connect a CRM first.

2. Select the mailing list from your CRM that you want to gather your opt-ins on from the "Select Mailing List" dropdown.

Note: The opt-ins will be sent there along with their unique coupon code. The coupon code is sent as a custom field called "Coupon (ZP)" that can be used in the construction of an email's content. This custom field will be available within your CRM after you optin through the lightbox popup form so we recommend to run a live test to have this variable passed over. Use it to setup a flow/automation/campaign in your CRM that sends them an email with their coupon code dynamically included.

3. Select the "Coupon Delivery Page" that you created and published earlier from the dropdown. If you haven't created one yet, click the "here" link below the dropdown to create one. 

This is the page that contains a Booster Page Coupon Delivery block. This block is a container for a coupon that the visitor will be automatically directed to and that the coupons from your uploaded list will be dynamically delivered to after they opt-in.

Because this block is necessary for Booster Page functionality, it is unavailable in the general "Add Block" section. In case you want to add it, use the "Add existing block" feature. After completing your changes click the Publish button.

*Note: The Coupon Delivery block will only show the discount dynamically on the LIVE page that is shown after opting-in to the form on the previous page. In Preview mode, "Coupon code" will be shown as placeholder text instead as shown in the screenshot above.

4. Select your uploaded "Coupons List" from the dropdown. If you haven't uploaded one yet, click the "here" link below the dropdown to upload one.

5. Select the "No Coupons Left List" from your CRM from the dropdown. This is the list that visitors will opt-in to when there are no coupons left in your coupons list

Note: The content for the "Booster Page Opt-in" block on the opt-in page will dynamically be replaced when there are no coupons left from the list:

Opt-in Popup Settings:

Here is where you configure the appearance / options for the light-box popup that is presented to the page visitor after they click any of the buttons on your "Coupon Opt-in Page". As an option you can choose a list where the emails will be imported in case there are no coupons left.

Example of the opt-in light-box popup shown to page visitors:

Post Submit Actions:

No Coupons Left Success Message: Here is where you configure the text to display after a visitor successfully opts-in to your "No Coupons Left" list. 

No Coupons Left Notification Text: Shown on the opt-in popup if there are no coupon codes remaining on your list. Configure the text to be shown there using this field. After submitting a popup, the email will be passed to the CRM and they will receive a success alert.
The default messages texts can be changed in a Booster Page edit pop-up. Booster page functionality is only available for Zipify Pages Plus subscription plans. With a Basic plan a user will see special stubs instead of controls.

Booster Email Already Used Notification Text: If an email was already used to opt-in, Booster Page will not allow a submit so that the same email can't receive a coupon code twice. Configure the text you want displayed to the visitor in this situation here.

Using the Coupon Code variable in an email:

After a visitor successfully opt-in, they will redirected to the "Coupon Delivery Page" and their email address and coupon code will be sent to your connected CRM. 

You can setup a campaign / flow / automation and use the coupon code variable within the body of the email that you send out anywhere that you want it dynamically displayed.


Use this code anywhere you want the coupon code to be shown within the email:

{{ person|lookup:'Coupon (ZP)' }}


Use "Merge Tags" to insert the Coupon (ZP) variable into an email:


Use the "Personalize" option to insert the Coupon (ZP) variable into an email: 


To use the Coupon (ZP) field in an email, choose the "Personalize" option then select Subscribers Info > Coupon (ZP) 

To use the Coupon (ZP) field in an email, choose the "Personalize" option then select [[coupon_zp]] under "Custom Fields":


The Coupon (ZP) field is passed as a Custom Field which can be dynamically inserted into an email:

BONUS: Training video from Ezra Firestone

Check out this fantastic training by Ezra Firestone on how to use the Booster Page functionality (and more) for your business:

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