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Pre-Purchase Upsells

With this new functionality for OneClickUpsell, you will be able to offer your customers pre-purchase Cart page upsell offers to help increase your AOV (average order value) even further! 💰📈

Two new optional types of Cart page offers have been added with the Pre-Purchase update:

  1. Add to Order” - adds one unit of a product to the cart.

  2. Upgrade Order” - replaces one unit of a product with another in the cart. 

The offer will be displayed in a lightbox popup when the "Checkout" button is clicked on the Cart page.

Adding a Pre-Purchase Upsell to a Funnel

To add a pre-purchase upsell to an upsell funnel, follow the steps below:

1. Open an existing upsell funnel or create a new one

2. Click on the Choose Upsell button for the "Pre Purchase Cart Offer (Optional)" step of the funnel as seen below:

Product-level app integrations (ReCharge, Infinite Options, Product Options, etc) do not currently work on the pre-purchase upsell popup, only on the post-purchase offer pages. We will work on adding support for these for the pre-purchase popup in future app updates.

3. Select one of the two Pre-Purchase offer options available or copy an existing one: 

  • Add a product to the cart

  • Upgrade an existing product in the cart

4. Select the Pre-Purchase offer product that you want to use and click the "Add" button:

*Note: If the pre-purchase offer product has a tag from another funnel, a Funnel Icon will be displayed on the Funnel Page right next to the product title.

  • By hovering your cursor over the Funnel Icon, a tool-tip will be invoked that explains the feature. “Note: this product is a trigger for another published funnel. Click this button to see the linked funnel.”

  • By clicking on the funnel icon you will be directed to the linked funnel. If the product is a trigger for two or more different funnels, the funnel with the highest priority will be directed to. 

  • *Important Note: If the customer adds a pre-purchase offer to the cart that is a trigger for another funnel with a higher priority, then the funnel with the higher priority will be used for the order instead of the original funnel.

Working with the Pre-Purchase Offer Page Editor

Once the pre-purchase offer has been added to the funnel, you can edit the settings and appearance for the popup. It is recommended to configure the Default Popup Settings for the two different Pre-Purchase Offer types (Add To Order & Upgrade Order) first. That way you can set the baseline settings for those popups before adding many of them to your funnels, which can help to save editing time later.

To configure the default settings for the pre-purchase offer popups, go to Settings > Page Defaults in the app and click the "Customize" button for the offer popup type you want to edit:  

To access the Offer Page Editor for an offer added to a funnel, either click directly on the offer itself within the funnel or hover over the "more options" menu and select "Edit Offer Page".

Depending on the offer type you've chosen, one of two layouts will be presented in the editor. 

Add a product to the cart:

Upgrade an existing product in the cart:

The Offer Page Editor consists of 5 main categories: Product, Offer, Content, Appearance and Purchase Buttons.


In the Product section, you configure the following: 

  • Product Title: The product's regular title will be used by default. Use the field available to make any needed edits to the title for the offer popup. 

  • Hero Section: Choose either "Shopify Image" to have your featured product image used or "Image Only" to upload a custom image from your computer.
    Note: If "Shopify Image" is used, the image will update based on the variant selected

  • Border: Enable or disable a border around the "Hero Section" image. 

  • Variants: All variants are selected by default. If desired, choose specific product variant(s) you want offered instead. 


In the Offer section, you configure the following:

  • Discount: Set a discount (if any) that you want to offer for the product in your pre-purchase popup. There are four options available:
    1. None - No discount will be set or displayed for the offer product.
    2. Percentage - Set a percent-based discount for the product I.e. 15%
    3. Fixed amount - Set a price-based discount for the product I.e. $15
    4. Compare at price - Show the product's "compare at price" as the discount.
    Note: If this option is used, no additional discount will be applied to the product, it will just pull-in and display your product's compare at price set in Shopify admin. 

    *IMPORTANT: By using either "Percentage" or "Fixed amount" discount options, there is a possibility that some customers can purchase only the discount pre-purchase version of the product by taking the following actions:

    Adding the discounted product from the pre-purchase popup > initiating the checkout > clicking the back button (or the cart breadcrumb at checkout) > deleting the original trigger product from the cart page > then initiating the checkout again with only the discounted pre-purchase product included.

    To guarantee that no customer's can take advantage of this pre-purchase loophole, we can only recommend to use the "Compare at price" option for the discount.

  • The option to "Hide offer if the cart already contains the upsell product".
    Enable this setting if you don't want to show the pre-purchase popup offer if the customer has already added the same product to their cart


In the Content section, you configure the following: 

  • Popup Title - Set the Title for the offer popup.

  • Popup Headline - Set the Headline/Subtitle for the offer popup.
    Note: The variables {{ product_title }} and {{ discount }} can be used to dynamically output the product's title and discount amount you've set. 

  • Offer Description - Add your compelling offer description using the tools available in the provided WYSIWYG editor.
    Note: Using the "Code View" option you can add custom HTML/CSS code to the offer popup. 


In the Appearance section, you configure the following: 

  • The Timer settings, text and colors.
    - Show Timer: Either enable or disable the offer popup timer from showing.
    - Time Limit: Set the time limit for the timer. Choose between 3, 5 and 10 minutes.
    - Timer Text: Set the text you want used for the timer.
    - Text Color: Set the color for the timer text.
    - Timer Color: Set the color for the timer numbers.
    - Background Color: Set the background color of the timer section.

  • The Save Label text and color.
    - Save Label: Set the text for the save label.
    - Save Text Color: Set the color for the save label text

Purchase Buttons

In the Purchase Buttons section, you configure the following: 

  • Add to Order button styles
    - Add To Order Button text: Set the text for the "Add To Order" button.
    - Text Color: Set the button text color.
    - Button Color: Set the button color.
    - Hover State Color: Set the "hover state" button color. 

  • Decline link text.

Working with the Settings > Pre-Purchase options

By navigating to Settings > Pre-Purchase, you can configure the settings available for the pre-purchase popups and offers added: 

*Important Note:  Don’t use the "Skip Cart Page" feature for OCU if you use Pre-Purchase upsell functionality. The Cart page will be skipped and the popup wouldn't be shown.

Cart Popup Frequency 

This setting determines the general behavior of the pre-purchase popups:

  • Show popup every time: The pre-purchase offer will be shown every time the customer clicks on the Checkout button on the Cart page, regardless of whether the offer was already accepted or declined. 

  • Show popup until accepted or declined: The pre-purchase offer will be shown with each click on the Checkout button until the offer is either accepted or declined. After that, the customer won’t see the pre-purchase popup again until the checkout is finished.

  • Show popup once per session: The customer will see the pre-purchase popup only once until the checkout is finished or until they start a new browsing session.

    - After the offer is accepted or declined, the popup won’t appear again until the checkout is finished.
    - After the popup is closed (no accept/decline action taken) it won’t appear again until the checkout is finished.
    - After the timer has run out, the customer will be directed to the checkout and the popup won’t appear again until the checkout is finished.
    - The offer popup will be shown only in the current browser tab and won’t appear in another tab if the customer repeats the flow there during the same browsing session. 

Apply Shopify Discount Coupons on Pre-Purchase Offers

If this setting is disabled, Shopify Discount Coupons will not apply to item(s) that were added to the order through a Pre-Purchase Popup offer. This setting is disabled by default

If you're using an Automatic discount and pre-purchase upsell offers for OCU, then we recommend enabling this setting as well as using the Compare at Price option as the discount for the Pre-Purchase upsell offers. That will allow the Automatic discount to be applied correctly to the pre-purchase offer(s).

If you use a Fixed or Percentage discount in OCU for the Pre-Purchase upsell offers instead, the Automatic discount will not apply correctly, even if this setting is enabled.

Pre-Purchase Split Tests

The Split Test feature is also available for pre-purchase offers. 

In order to setup a pre-purchase offer split test, both Page A and Page B will need to use the same offer type I.e., both offers will need to be either “Add to Order” or “Upgrade Order” offer types. 

Pre-Purchase Offers Behavior

The information below describes the general behavior of the Cart page pre-purchase popup, depending on which settings you've chosen:

1. When the timer runs out, the buyer will be auto-redirected to OCU checkout.

2. If the timer runs out while the buyer is on another browser tab, the redirect to the OCU checkout will happen when the buyer returns to the tab where the offer popup is shown. 

3. The popup will disappear if the page is refreshed.

4. The popup won’t appear if any of the following conditions are true:

  • The app is enabled, but there are no funnels.

  • The funnel is disabled.

  • There is no pre-purchase offer in the funnel.

  • The pre-purchase offer product is sold out.

  • The pre-purchase offer is hidden (not visible to the Online Store sales channel).

5. Even if the quantity of the trigger product in the cart is greater than 1, only 1 of those items will be replaced by the Upgrade Offer.

6. A product can be a trigger and an Upgrade Offer product within the same funnel. In order to avoid an unwanted scenario where the same product is offered as an upgrade product, the “Hide offer if cart already contains...” setting must be enabled.

7. The “Hide offer if the cart already contains the upsell product” setting is available for pre-purchase offers in the Edit Offer Page > Offer section of the app.

8. If the pre-purchase offer is declined and there are no post-purchase offers available to be shown, the customer will be directed to an alternative (non-OCU) checkout instead. 

9. Product-level app integrations (ReCharge, Infinite Options, Product Customizer, etc) do not currently work with the pre-purchase upsells. We will work on adding support for these in future updates. 

There’s a scenario where the post-purchase upsell from a funnel won’t be shown after the Upgrade Offer is accepted by the customer. This happens if the Upgrade Offer product itself is not added as a trigger for the funnel, so eventually there are no triggers in the cart at checkout:

In order for the Upgrade Offer and Post-Purchase Upsell to be shown in a sequence regardless of whether the customer accepts or declines the Upgrade Offer, the following actions must be taken:

  1. Set the Upgrade Offer product itself as a trigger for the funnel.

  2. Enable the “Hide offer if the cart already contains the upsell product” setting at the Edit Offer Page > Offer section.

Pre-Purchase logic diagram

The logic diagram below conveys information about what will happen pre-checkout when the Checkout button is clicked on the Cart page:

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