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Zipify Pages offers 2 subscription levels: Basic and Plus.

Both subscription levels offer the complete Basic feature set, while Plus offers additional features as seen below:


Upgrading from Basic to Plus can be done in the app by navigating to Settings > Account and clicking the "Upgrade now" button there:

Your new subscription price will be effective immediately after clicking the button and agreeing to the upgrade. You'll see a pro-rated charge for the rest of the current billing period. You'll immediately have access to all Zipify Pages Plus features!


Downgrading from Plus to Basic is currently done by contacting our support team. Email us at help@zipify.com or start an in-app chat. Simply let us know you'd like to downgrade from Plus to Basic and our team will assist you. 😃

Once you downgrade from Plus to Basic, you will no longer be able to edit your Blog posts created in Zipify Pages.

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