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To be successful with your SMS Campaigns, it's imperative that you grow your SMS subscriber list! 📈

Keywords are a way for new visitors and customers to sign up for SMS/MMS marketing promotions on your store, by opting-in to your subscriber list. Keywords are a fundamental part of this process and are used with "Subscription" Flows that you connect to a Mobile Popup or a Shareable Link.

📝Every Kinnekt app user receives a unique phone number that is connected with their particular store.

How Keywords Work

Every Kinnekt user can create one or more Keywords. Since each Kinnekt user receives a unique phone number, there is no keyword competition.

  • You create a new Keyword (i.e. Boom10)

  • You share this keyword to your customers and visitors who access your website on a mobile device via a Mobile Popup. It can be shared in other locations such as your social media pages, email campaigns, paid ads and everywhere else using a Shareable Link

  • Your customers text the keyword (Boom10) to your designated Kinnekt number

  • That customer receives your "Subscription" Flow welcome message response, including the discount code (if you've added one) and is added to your subscriber list

📝 You need explicit consent from every number in your SMS subscriber list. When someone texts your keyword to your Kinnekt phone number, they are giving you explicit consent to text them back.

For "Subscription" Flows, the following default text will precede and be included with the Welcome Message automatically:

"You've subscribed to {StoreName} - msgs powered by Kinnekt App. Msg & data rates may apply. MSGS are recurring. Reply "STOP" to unsubscribe."

⚠️ In order for a new customers or contacts to subscribe successfully to your SMS subscriber list via the mobile popup, the opt-in message they send you MUST include both the Legal text and the Keyword.

Creating a New Keyword

There are two ways to create a new Keyword in Kinnekt:

1. Since Keywords are required to be connected to a "Subscription" Flow, it's recommended to create them from the "Flows" section of the app, when setting up a new subscription flow there.

  • Click on the "Subscription" Trigger card

  • In the Trigger popup below "This flow will start when a visitor subscribes to your store via" select the "Keywords" option there

  • From the dropdown, choose "+ Add New Keyword"

  • Enter the Keyword Name into the field

  • Click the "Create" button and your new keyword will be created and connected to the Flow!

2. The other location Keywords can be created is in the "Keywords" section of the app.

  • Click on the "Create New Keyword" button

  • Enter in the new Keyword Name

  • Click the "Create" button

Keyword Name Requirements:

  • No Spaces

  • Use numbers and letters only

  • Each keyword name must be unique

  • A maximum of 10 characters

  • Name can't be the same as opt-in/opt-out words (example: START, STOP etc.)

It's recommended to use the following naming format: "Word + Discount"


  • boom10 - Store name with a 10% off discount code

  • blog10 - Where the Mobile Popup will show offering a 10% off discount code

  • trio15 - Product name with a 15% off discount code

📝 An auto-generated suffix is added to the end of the Keyword (I.e. WELCOME10:1gu) automatically in the optin-message to track subscribers from a specific popup, in cases where a particular Keyword is used in several channels.

Using and/or Sharing a Keyword

There are a few different ways that you can use your new Keyword to help grow your SMS subscriber list! No matter which method(s) you use, your customers have to be aware of the Keyword and your Kinnekt number to text it to in order for your SMS marketing campaign(s) to work.

The most common way you will use them with Kinnekt is in "Subscription" Flows that you connect to a Mobile Popup or Shareable Link.

Below are a few additional examples you can use to share your Keyword(s) and grow your subscriber list:

  • Post your Keyword on your Website I.e.
    "Text BOOM to 12345678901 to receive monthly sale alerts before anyone else!"

  • Write it on your packaging and company signage

  • Write it on your invoices

  • Add it to your email signature

  • etc.

📝Don't forget to add legal text to be TCPA compliant:

By messaging us, you are agreeing to receive promotional and personalized marketing text messages from [yourstore.com] periodically, at the cell number you used to contact us. You are also consenting to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. Reply STOP to cancel or HELP for more information. Msg and data rates may apply.

Keyword Statistics

The following statistics are available for your Keywords, so you can gauge how well they are performing:

  • Used - Number of times you've added this keyword has been used with a mobile popup or shareable link in the Kinnekt app

  • Subscribers - Number of new subscribers generated by each keyword

  • Orders - Number of orders made from new subscribers via clicking the link included in the keyword welcome message

  • Revenue - Total revenue generated from new subscribers via clicking the link included in the keyword welcome message

Keyword Actions available are:

  • See which "Subscription" Flow the Keyword is connected to (if applicable) by clicking the dropdown located below each keyword

  • Click the ✏️ button to Edit the Keyword

  • Click the 🗑️ button to Delete the Keyword
    📝You'll need to click the "Delete" button in the popup to confirm the delete action.

Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions we can help with!

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