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Get ready to start collecting SMS subscribers on mobile for your Shopify store!

In the Mobile Popups section of the app, you can:

  • Create new Mobile Popups

  • Edit existing Mobile Popups

  • See statistics about how each Popup is performing

  • See statistics for Total Popup performance

How Mobile Popups Work

Mobile Popup(s) go hand-in-hand with Flows you've created and the Keyword you've connected to that Flow. The mobile popup will only be shown to US-based store visitors based on their IP address.

  • When creating a new Mobile Popup, the first step is to select the Flow (and associated Keyword) you want connected with it. If you haven't created a Flow yet, you'll be prompted to do so first.

  • Only Flows with the "Subscription" Trigger type that use "Keywords" can be connected to a Mobile Popup.

  • Based on the Flow connected, a Message (or series of messages) will be sent after the customer texts you from the mobile popup.

  • Using our Popup Targeting feature, you are able to specify exactly which page(s) you want the mobile popup to fire on and when it should fire (time delay).

  • The Mobile Popup opt-in message, behavior and design are all edited in the Mobile Popup Editor.

📝The Mobile Popup is displayed to a customer each time they visit your store UNTIL they engage with it in some way. The engagement (closed by clicking X OR clicked on the CTA button) is saved to a browser cookie and the popup will NOT be displayed again in that case to the same customer, unless the following conditions are true:

  • A customer visits your store using different browser(s)

  • A customer visits your store using an Incognito tab/window (doesn't track cookies) in their browser

How to Create a New Mobile Popup

From the Mobile Popups section of the app, click the "Create New Popup" button:

The next screen is the Mobile Popup Editor, which is comprised of 4 main sections:

  • Opt-in Message - Select the Flow (and associated Keyword). Set the pre-populated text message you want loaded on the visitor/customer phone after they click the CTA button from the popup.

  • Behavior - Set which page(s) the popup should show on and its time delay.

  • Popup - Design the appearance and style of your popup.

  • Minimize Button - If the popup is initially closed, it will be minimized to a button. Toggle this setting ON/OFF and edit the minimized button appearance and style.

Opt-In Message

The first step after creating a new Mobile Popup is to select the Flow (and associated Keyword) that you'd like used for the popup. The Flow you select determines the Response that will be received:

Next, in the Text Message Content section below, edit the pre-populated text message which will show on the visitor/customer phone after they click the CTA button from the mobile popup.

Using shortcodes (variables) and emoji in your message content is a great way to personalize it further:

📝 An auto-generated suffix is added to the end of the Keyword (I.e. WELCOME10:1gu) automatically in the optin-message to track subscribers from a specific popup, in cases where a particular Keyword is used in several channels.

⚠️ In order for a new customers or contacts to subscribe successfully to your SMS subscriber list via the mobile popup, the opt-in message they send you MUST include both the Legal text and the Keyword.


In the Behavior section, you can:

  • Set a Time Delay ⏲️ for the popup (the amount of time the customer spends on your site before being shown the popup)

  • The Visibility Settings 👁️‍🗨️ (which page(s) you want to include/exclude the popup from showing on for better targeting)

📝A 5 second delay is enabled by default for new mobile popups you create.

In the Visibility Settings section, decide on exactly which page(s) you want this particular mobile popup to display on. All Pages is the default, which is a good choice if this is your "general site-wide" mobile popup and you want it shown on All Pages on your store.

Click the dropdown menu to be presented with the following options:

Include only certain pages

Choose this option if you only want this mobile popup to show on specific page(s) on your store. This is the setting to choose for a specific targeted Keyword campaign where you only want it shown on certain pages.

You can either enter in the URL manually (copy/paste) or you can click the "✏️Select Page(s)" button to open the Select Pages Popup where you can Search for and/or navigate through all pages on your store to make your selection(s):

Exclude Certain Pages

Choose this option if you want the popup shown on the majority of your pages, except for a select few. Just like before, either enter in the URL(s) manually or use the "✏️Select Page(s)" button:

In the Popup section, you edit the design and content of the actual popup that will show on mobile on your store:

Start with adding a Popup Name so you can easily identify it in the Mobile Popups section of the app. Recommended to name it something that relates to the Flow (and associated Keyword) the popup is connected to I.e. "Welcome10"

Below that, the Popup section is comprised of the following 6 sections where it can be styled and configured:

  • Popup Setup - Set the Font Family you want used for text and the Background Color of the popup

  • Logo - Add your branded logo image. Recommended to use a 315x70px.png image file

  • Headline - Edit the Headline text, font styles, size and color. If a discount is being offered (recommended) ensure it matches with the discount offer in the Response message for the Flow you've connected I.e. 10% off

  • Subheadline - Edit the Subheadline text, font styles, size and color. Just like with the Headline text, make sure the discount information is accurate

  • Button - Edit the Button text, font styles, size and color. Make sure the discount information is accurate

  • Legal Language - Set the font styles, size and color for the legal language. Edit your Privacy Policy Link and your Terms and Conditions Link should they differ from the default values.
    *To ensure you remain fully compliant with U.S. laws and regulations, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA"), Kinnekt includes default legal language below the Mobile Popup. To learn more about TCPA Compliance standards and best practices, click here.

Minimized Button

By default, a "minimized button" will be shown at the bottom of the screen, if the mobile popup is initially closed by the customer/visitor. We recommend using it, but if you don't want to use this feature and want the Mobile Popup to be completely closed when the customer X's it, then disable this setting by clicking the "2-step Close" switcher to the OFF position:

If you will be using it (recommended), then you can edit the Text Properties (button text, font family, font styles, size and color) and the Button Color using the settings located within:

⚠️ Ensure that the Minimized Button discount text matches with the Mobile Popup I.e. 10% off

📝Once you're done configuring your new Mobile Popup, don't forget to click the "Save" button to save it.

Mobile Popup Statistics

The following statistics are available for your Mobile Popups, so you can gauge how well they are performing:

📝Total statistics for ALL popups are listed at the top of the Mobile Popups section.

  • Views - Number of times the popup was shown on your store

  • Subscribers - Number of subscribers obtained from the mobile popup

  • Conversion rate - The ratio of how many times the popup was shown to the number of Subscribers obtained (CR = (Subscribers/Views) x 100)

  • Revenue - How much revenue the popup has generated

Status and Actions

In the Status column, you can enable or disable a particular Mobile Popup from showing by clicking the Status switcher for it.

📝In order for a Mobile Popup to be enabled, you must enable the Flow connected to it first.

⚠️ If you attempt to enable a Mobile Popup which is configured to show on at least one of the same page(s) as a popup which has already enabled, the Popups Conflict popup will show. Click the Edit button to change the page(s) this popup will show on in the Behavior tab, so that it doesn't conflict with other popup(s):

Actions available for each Mobile Popup are the following:

  • Preview - See an in-app preview of how your mobile popup will show to customers who visit your store

  • Edit - Open the Mobile Popup Editor to make any needed edits

  • Delete - Delete the Mobile Popup if it is no longer needed. You will need to confirm the delete action in the confirmation window that shows

Please reach out to us in support chat if you've any questions we can help with!

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