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Creating text message conversations with your customers is one of the best things you can do for brand engagement and loyalty. Replying back via a text message is also a great way to quickly resolve any open issues the customer may be experiencing.

Once a customer replies back to one of your SMS marketing messages (other than the initial opt-in message they send you), their text message (and your responses) will appear in the Inbox section:

πŸ“There are 2 approaches to collect new subscribers:

  • From Keyword subscription (popup/shareable link) – You'll receive the phone number only without any additional information

  • From the Checkout - You'll receive all customer information including name, phone number and a Shopify customer profile link

πŸ“A red dot will show over the Inboxes section as an indicator of any unresolved message(s).

Sending a Reply

To send a reply to any actively subscribed customer listed in the Inbox section, follow the quick and easy steps below!

1. Click on the subscriber's phone number or on the ✏️ button to open the reply editor
πŸ“You can manually unsubscribe a subscriber by clicking the "Opt-out" button located in the Actions column

2. Write your message (including any image and/or discount you want included) in the editor

3. Click the "Send Reply" button

4. If the subscriber is currently in Quiet Hours, they will have the πŸ’€ icon shown next to the Opt-Out button and the following 2 buttons will be shown instead:

  • Send Reply Now - Send the reply immediately, even if the customer is in Quiet Hours. Make sure to only send the reply if it's urgent and can't wait.

  • Schedule Sending - Sends the reply as soon as the subscriber comes out of Quiet Hours.

πŸ“After you send a reply, the status will updated to "Resolved". If the subscriber replies back, it will updated to "Unresolved". You can also click the "Unresolve" button in the message editor to un-resolve it manually, if further followup is needed.

πŸ“Subscribers who have manually opted-out (sent "STOP") are not able to be messaged from the Inbox any longer. Kinnekt can only send messages to active subscribers.

Inbox Statuses and Filters

There are 3 Statuses included:

  • Unresolved - A new message from a customer who didn't receive any response from you and still is not resolved

  • Resolved - A conversation which was marked as Resolved by you (clicked on the Resolve button) OR you've sent a response and haven't received any further message from the subscriber

  • Opted out - The customer has been unsubscribed from your list and will no longer receive SMS messages from Kinnekt.

The "Filter by" setting allows you to filter Responses by all the available statuses:

πŸ“All messages are grouped by subscriber, meaning only one entry in the table is shown per subscriber. Even if the contact had a conversation with you a week ago, but sent a new message today, all chat history will be displayed in the one conversation and table entry.

Please reach out to us in support chat if you've any questions we can help with!

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