⚠️ Kinnekt is currently in a closed-BETA. If you'd like to be a BETA user, please reach out to our support at help@zipify.com ⚠️

In the ⚙️Settings > General section of the app, you can:

Enable / Disable the app

Click the switcher to either enable or disable the Kinnekt app, depending on the current state.

By enabling the Kinnekt App you give us permission to work with your store data, theme and events to be able to send SMS messages right when your customer need and track their effectiveness. The app activity will not modify the look of your store.

⚠️If you publish a new Theme to your store or make Theme changes, you will need to disable and re-enable the Kinnekt app.

Configure your Global short URL

Your short URL will determine how customers will see the links in text messages you send them I.e.

Choose from one of the following options in the dropdown menu:

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