⚠️ Kinnekt is currently in a closed-BETA. If you'd like to be a BETA user, please reach out to our support at help@zipify.com ⚠️

Q: Which countries can I send messages to?

A: Kinnekt currently only supports sending messages to USA phone numbers.
More countries coming soon!

Q: Do I get my own dedicated phone number?

A: Yes you do! Every Kinnekt user receives their own personal 10-digit toll free US phone number.

Q: Will Kinnekt work with my eCommerce platform?

A: Kinnekt is exclusive to the Shopify eCommerce platform.

Q: How can I start collecting SMS subscribers?

A: Kinnekt offers various ways you can collect subscribers such as:

  • Keywords

  • Mobile Popups

  • Shareable Links

  • at Checkout (Shopify and OneClickUpsell)

Q: Does Kinnekt offer pre-built SMS Flows and Message Content?
A: Yes! Kinnekt includes both so you can hit the ground running.

Q: What's the difference between an SMS and MMS message?

A: The most simple way to understand the difference is that SMS refers to text messages, while MMS refers to messages with a picture or video I.e. when you include an Image or GIF in your message, it becomes an MMS. If not and you're only sending text and/or emoji, it is an SMS.

Q: How much does each SMS/MMS message cost me to send?


  • 1 SMS = 160 symbols/characters. 1 SMS costs ~ $0.013
    📝1 message can contain several SMS

  • 1 SMS w/emoji = 70 symbols/characters
    📝Emojis take 2-9 characters each 😃

  • 1 MMS = 1,600 symbols/characters. 1 MMS costs ~$0.046

In the Message Editor, we include a character counter and estimated cost for sending the message.

Q: How can I make sure I won’t bother my customers with text messages at odd hours, like in the middle of the night?

A: Kinnekt includes a "Quiet Hours" feature where no messages (other than new subscriber welcome/confirmation messages) will be sent from 9pm to 8am in the subscriber's local time-zone. Quiet Hours can be adjusted in Kinnekt Settings if you plan to send messages outside of these hours.

Q: How can I make sure my opt-ins and text campaigns are TCPA-compliant?

A: Kinnekt and our subscription growth tools are built for compliance by default. It is ultimately the merchant's responsibility though to ensure they're both collecting SMS subscribers compliantly and to adhere to TCPA compliance rules and regulations regarding message sending. Make sure to follow all steps outlined in Kinnekt and our documentation to ensure your Shopify Checkout opt-ins are gathered compliantly.

We also include a "Message Strength" feature designed as a recommendation based on best-practices on how to make the text message both TCPA compliant as well as fun and engaging for the recipient.

Q: What are those random characters added to the end of my Keyword when used in an opt-in message?

A: An auto-generated suffix is added to the end of the Keyword (I.e. WELCOME10:gcw) automatically when used in the optin-message, to track subscribers from a specific mobile popup or shareable link, in cases where a particular Keyword is used in several channels.

Q: Why is a _knkt text string included as an item property in some Shopify Orders?

A: This string is needed to correctly track stats (Revenue, Clicks, etc) and then to correctly build Segments and as a result, to target it in Campaigns.

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