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By default, we enable all Sending Logic conditions to establish text marketing best practices that provide embraced deliverability, an engaged subscriber list and customer satisfaction. You are obligated to maintain compliance with U.S. laws and regulations regarding sending text marketing communications.

In the ⚙️Settings > Sending Logic section of the app, you will find various settings we've included to ensure your messages are sent at TCPA-compliant times, in the right volumes and at the right price.

Quiet Hours

The Quiet Hours feature is enabled by default. It works dynamically based on the specific subscriber's timezone to not send any text messages to them between the specified time span. Any Campaign messages sent during this time or Flow messages scheduled will be sent to subscribers when they come out of quiet hours.

Due to TCPA regulations set forth to protect consumers, we highly recommend that you both leave this feature enabled and use the default recommended time span of 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM in order to avoid any possibility of violating TCPA regulations.

📝The only text that your customer could receive outside of Quiet Hours (when enabled) are Keyword replies (used in "Subscription" Flows) because that is the action which subscribes them to your list. This ensures that the subscriber will be opted-in and receive your Welcome Message (including any associated Discount Code) at any/all hours of the day.

📝We track the subscriber's timezone from two sources:

  1. If a customer browses some pages on your website, then we take the timezone from the browser.

  2. If a customer doesn’t visit the website or the browser doesn’t return the timezone to us initially, then we apply the left-most US timezone which is HAST (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time) in order to cover all US timezones (from left to right). If the customer browses on your store afterwards, their timezone will be pulled from the browser and updated accordingly.

Smart Sending Period

The Smart Sending feature makes sure you do not message a customer more than once in the last X hours. This feature applies to Flow and Campaign messages. It does not apply to Welcome, Existing Subscriber and Inbox messages. Enabled by default.

To disable this feature click the switcher to the "OFF" position.

📝We recommend 4 hours.

Monthly messages per contact

The Monthly messages per contact feature allows you to set the maximum number of text messages a particular subscriber can receive from you per month. Enabled by default.

To disable this feature click the switcher to the "OFF" position.

📝We recommend 12 - 16 messages max.

Max message price

The Max message price feature allows you to specify the maximum price you are willing to pay for a message to be sent. It's designed as a safe-guard to ensure that you don't spend more than intended or desired. Enabled by default.

To disable this feature click the switcher to the "OFF" position.

📝We recommend 7 cents.

Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions we can help with!

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