⚠️ Kinnekt is currently in a closed-BETA. If you'd like to be a BETA user, please reach out to our support at help@zipify.com ⚠️

In the ⚙️Settings > Payments section of the app, you can:

  • See your Current Plan information

  • See your Current Balance and Add Funds if needed

  • Enable the Auto Recharge (recommended) option

  • Have a text message alert sent to you when your Balance is low

Current Balance

This section shows your Current Balance I.e. how much money you have left in your account for sending SMS/MMS messages to your subscribers.

It will also list your Expenses this month I.e. how much you've spent on sending SMS/MMS messages to your subscribers this month.

If you don't have the Auto ReCharge option enabled (or just want to manually add more funds via a one-time payment), then click the "Add Funds" button to add more funds to your balance as-needed.

Choose the amount to add from the dropdown menu and then click the "Pay via Shopify" button:

You will then be redirected to a Shopify "Approve Charge" screen to approve the charge. Once the charge is approved, your Kinnekt account balance will update accordingly.

📝Only the Store Owner listed in the Settings > Account section of the Shopify admin can approve this charge.

By Enabling the Auto Recharge option, we will automatically add more credits if your balance falls below a certain threshold. In this way, you don't have to worry that you will run out of credits and your messages will continue to be sent.

To enable this option, click the switcher to the "ON" position, define the values you want used in each field and then click the Save button.

In the example below, $50 will automatically be added when the balance falls below $20. The maximum amount that will be spent each month is set to $300:

📝All transactions are secured by Shopify. When Shopify bills you for the month, it will include the Kinnekt app subscription price + money spent on auto-recharge of account balance for that month. One-time payments will be included as well

Send me a text when my Balance gets low

Enabled by default, this handy feature will alert you via a Text Message when your Balance falls below a certain amount.

In this example, when my balance falls below $10, the Kinnekt App will alert me by sending me a Text Message to my phone:

📝The text message alert will be sent to the phone number from your Shopify account.

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