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Funnels Overview

Access the Upsell Funnels section by clicking on the funnel icon from the left-side navigation menu:

In the Upsell Funnels section of the app, you can do the following:

  • Add New Upsell Funnels
  • Work within Funnels you've created to add Upsell/Downsell offers
  • Edit the Post-purchase offer pages and Pre-purchase popup (optional)
  • Access funnel Actions such as: Funnel Properties, Duplicate and Delete
  • Disable/Enable a Funnel using the Status switcher
  • Set Funnel Priority if you have 2 or more Upsell Funnels created
  • View Post-purchase and Pre-purchase funnel Statistics separately

Adding a New Upsell Funnel

An upsell funnel has 2 different Trigger Types available to choose from:

  • Product - Select specific Product(s) and/or Variant(s) to trigger the funnel.
  • Collection - Select a specific Collection (including all products within that collection) to trigger the funnel.
    πŸ“*Pro Tip: Choose the "All" Collection to quickly make all products on your store triggers for an upsell funnel.

To add a New Upsell Funnel, follow the quick and easy steps below:

1. Click the "Add New Funnel" button in the top-right corner.

2. Give your new funnel a Name and choose the Trigger Type (Product or Collection) in the popup that shows.

3. Click the "Save" button.

4. Choose the Trigger Product(s) or Collection that you want to trigger your new funnel (depending on the type chosen in step 2) in the "Add Products" or "Select Collection" popup respectively.

5. Click the "Add" or "Select" button and your funnel will be created!

⚠️ Up to 330 trigger products (6600 trigger variants) can be added as triggers for the "Product" trigger type. Up to 6600 trigger products can be added for the "Collection" trigger type.

Notes on the "Collection" Trigger Type

All products that were present in the selected Collection at the moment of funnel creation will be added as triggers for the funnel.

Any changes made to the Collection in your Shopify admin afterwards will not reflect on the funnel triggers automatically. So, when products are added or removed from the Collection in your Shopify admin, the funnel has to be synchronized with the collection manually from the Funnel Details page.

Click the "Sync Collection" button to synchronize the latest Collection changes with the app:

The Collection trigger type elements:

  1. Trigger products counter - Lists the number of trigger products added from the Collection.
  2. Trigger collection title - The name of the Shopify Collection you've selected as the trigger for the funnel.
  3. Change Collection button - Click this button to select a different Collection as the trigger for the funnel instead.
  4. Sync Collection button - Click this button to synchronize Collection changes made in Shopify admin with the app.
  5. Last synchronization date - Shows the date of funnel creation at first because that’s when the first synchronization happens. Each time you will synchronize funnel triggers with the collection the Last Sync date will be updated.

⚠️ Up to 6600 trigger products can be added for the "Collection" trigger type.

Changing the Funnel Trigger Type

The Trigger Type and/or Funnel Name for an upsell funnel can be changed at anytime through the "Edit Properties" setting included in the Funnel Builder. Click the βš™οΈ icon next to the "Publish Funnel" button to edit properties:

The same actions can be applied via the Edit Properties popup from the Actions menu on the Upsell Funnels page.

Adding Post-Purchase Upsell and Downsell Offers into the Funnel

Once the funnel has been created, you will automatically be redirected to the Funnel Builder, so you can start adding pre- and post-purchase offers you'd like to make to your customers!

A Post-purchase offer is an offer shown to your customer on a separate page, immediately after they've completed their initial order. This is where the real magic of OneClickUpsell comes into play πŸ“ˆ πŸ’°

The offer is able to be added to the customer's original order with a single click or tap! The customer will not be required to go back through the checkout process or re-enter any information.

*A preview of how the one click post-purchase upsell offer page will be shown on Mobile (left) and Desktop (right):

To add a one click post-purchase offer to your funnel:

1. Click the "Choose Product" button below the Post-Purchase Upsell Offer #1 slot within the upsell funnel.

*If you've already added Upsell 1, then choose either Downsell Offer (Optional) or Post-Purchase Upsell Offer #2 (Optional) instead.

πŸ“We recommend to add Post-Purchase Upsell 1, Post-Purchase Upsell 2 and the Downsell Offer into each funnel. This will ensure your customers will see 2 post-purchase offers for each qualifying order, regardless of whether they accept or decline Post-Purchase Upsell 1.

2. In the "Create Post-Purchase Offer" popup, choose either:

  • Create new offer page (choose this if it's your first offer page)
  • Copy an existing offer

3. Click the "Save" button.

4. Select the product you'd like to offer in the "Add product" popup.

5. Click the "Add" button.

6. Once the post-purchase offer has been added to the funnel, the offer page that your customers will see can be edited by clicking on the product card.
More details about working with the post-purchase offer page editor can be found here in our help article.

πŸ“Repeat this process for the Downsell Offer (Optional) and Post-Purchase Upsell Offer #2 (Optional) slots to fully build-out your funnel with offers.

Adding a Pre-Purchase Upsell Offer

A pre-purchase upsell offer is an offer that is made on the Cart Page (/cart), after the customer clicks the Checkout button from there. It will also show after clicking the "Checkout" button included in AJAX Carts (drawer/slider) for Shopify Themes.

*A preview of how the pre-purchase upsell offer popup will be shown on Mobile (left) and Desktop (right):

To add a pre-purchase offer to your funnel:

1. Click the "Choose Product" button below the Pre-Purchase Upsell Offer (Optional) slot within the upsell funnel.

2. Choose the type of pre-purchase offer you'd like to make to your customers:

  • Add a product to the cart (Adds a unit of the product)
  • Upgrade an existing product in the cart (Replaces a unit of one product with another)
  • Copy an existing offer

3. Select the product you'd like to offer in the "Add product" popup.

4. Click the "Add" button.

5. Once the pre-purchase offer has been added to the funnel, the offer popup that your customers will see can be edited by clicking on the product card. More details about working with the pre-purchase offer popup editor can be found here in our help article.

Funnel Priority

Only one Upsell Funnel will be used per customer order in most cases.

Once you have two or more Upsell Funnels created, you can set the Priority for them.

You can create multiple Upsell Funnels and each funnel can have the same Trigger Product for example, there is no restriction for that. A customer is also able to add multiple different products to their Cart, with each one being a trigger product for a different funnel you've created.

Funnel priority logic is used when the cart contains two or more trigger products from different funnels. If this is the case, the trigger product associated with the funnel with the highest priority will be used for the order.

πŸ“There is the scenario where the funnel that is used for post-purchase offers can change, if the customer adds your pre-purchase offer which is also a trigger product for a different funnel with a higher priority. In that scenario, the funnel with the higher priority will be used to show post-purchase offers instead of the original funnel which triggered the pre-purchase offer showing.

To change the funnel priority:

1. Click the "Change Priority" button.

2. Drag the Upsell Funnel rows into the desired order.

3. Once finished, click the "Done" button.

4. Click the "Yes" button in the "Save Priority Order?" popup to confirm the change.

Upsell Funnel Status

The Status column indicates whether a particular upsell funnel is published/enabled or not. A published funnel starts to work immediately on your store, if the OCU app is also in an enabled state.

To publish an unpublished funnel OR to unpublish a published funnel, simply click on the Status switcher for a particular funnel:

The same action can be accomplished from within an Upsell Funnel as well by clicking on the "Publish Funnel" or "Unpublish Funnel" button respectively:

Upsell Funnel Actions

The following Actions are available for Upsell Funnels you've created:

  • Edit Funnel: Go into the funnel to add new offers or edit existing offers. The same action can be invoked by clicking directly on the Funnel Name.
  • Edit Properties: Change the Trigger Type (Product/Collection) or Funnel Name of your Upsell Funnel.
  • Duplicate Funnel: Make an exact Copy of the Upsell Funnel
  • Delete Funnel: Delete the Upsell Funnel(s) if no longer needed
    πŸ“You will need to confirm the delete action in the "Delete Funnel?" popup that is shown to complete this action.

Upsell Funnel Statistics

The Statistics available for your Upsell Funnels can be categorized into two main views: Post-Purchase and Pre-Purchase

Post-Purchase is selected by default. To switch between views to see statistics for each offer type, make your selection by clicking on the corresponding button:

A Date Range selector is provided so you can define statistics from a particular time period. Last 30 Days is the default. Click on the date selector to choose from a list of pre-defined ranges or to choose a custom one from the calendar.

Click the "Apply" button after you've made your selection:

The following Statistics are available for each Upsell Funnel:

  • Views - The total number of times the funnel was triggered. If the Upsell 1 product was never changed for the funnel, then the total number of Upsell 1 views within the funnel will be the same as Views for the upsell funnel itself.
  • Conversion - The conversion rate for the funnel. Calculated using the following formula: Conversion = (# of times upsell 1 was bought + # of times downsell was bought)/Funnel View
  • Total $ - The sum total of all upsell/downsell offer products bought in the funnel.
  • $/Visit - A relation between Total product revenue vs how many times the upsell/downsell offers were shown.

You can sort your Upsell Funnel Statistics in ascending/descending order by any of the above statistics by clicking the statistic name at the top of the respective column:

πŸ“Your Orders which contain a pre-purchase offer, post-purchase offer(s) and/or both can easily be found in your Shopify admin Orders area by searching for the following tags there:

  • OCU Zipify Post-Purchase Upsell Bought
  • OCU Zipify Pre-Purchase Upsell Bought

Post-purchase Offer Sequence

The main goal of the OCU app is to increase your store's Average Order Value (AOV) by making relevant and targeted upsell offers to your customers that are complementary to the product(s) they've just bought. If you can get each customer to add just one extra product to their order post-purchase, your AOV will skyrocket! πŸš€

OCU has your customer's purchase experience in-mind so therefore, a maximum of 2 post-purchase one click upsells can be shown per order.

Upsell 1 from the funnel will be shown first. If the customer buys Upsell 1, then Upsell 2 will be shown next. If the customer declines Upsell 1, then Downsell 1 will be shown next.

In both cases, the customer will be taken to the Shopify Order confirmation page after the second post-purchase offer has been presented whether or not they accept or decline the second offer.

*Assuming you have added all 3 post-purchase offers to your funnel (recommended).

Please reach out to us in chat if you have any questions at all!

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