The 2 and 3 Products + Buy now block's settings are very similar to the "Product Listing 1 and 3" blocks. However with these blocks, you can feature multiple products and edit the product images to use a custom one if desired.

These blocks are great for a sales page where you offer tiered pricing on multiple product units. Or for presenting a sales page with multiple and various product options available.  

Adding Products 

As soon as you add the block to your page, you will be prompted to select products to feature: 

For the rest of the details on configuring the products in the block, refer to our "Product Listing 1 and 3" help article. 

Adding a Custom Image

To add a custom product image, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the image element to open the Image Options.
2. Click the "Choose" button below the image.
3. Select the image from your Image Library.
4. Apply any changes you might want such as "Crop & Rotate".
5. Set the Default Product Image setting to "Product Image".
6. Click the "Save" button.

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