Brands & Icons

This block allows you to display a row of brands or other small images such as social proof. The added images will be formatted automatically and placed proportionally within the block.

  • You can select as few as 3 images or as many as 6 images per block. Just select the number of images you want from the "Number of brands" dropdown menu and then upload an image for each position.
    The "Brands + Copyright" block in the Footers section has a max of 12 images that can be shown, but they will appear much smaller than the "Brands / Icon Section" block images. 

  • Additionally you can add an "Alt text" for each image. If the image fails to load on the published page, the Alt text appears in a blank box that would normally contain the image.

  • There's also "Grayscale" option available which will automatically display all images in grayscale is selected:

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