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Adding a final offer to your funnel on the Thank You Page (Shopify's "Order Confirmation" page) can help increase your store's AOV even further!

*A preview of how the TY Page Offer will be shown on Desktop (left) and Mobile (right):

Unlike the one click post-purchase offers which currently only work with "direct" Credit Card payments, Shop Pay, and PayPal Express Checkout, this one is able to be paid for using any payment method you've connected to Shopify Checkout on your store, so long as the customer is redirected back to the Order Status Page after completing payment.

📝Some 3rd party offsite processors like iDeal and Bancontact don't always redirect the customer back to the Order Status page where the TY Page offer is located.

This means if the customer pays for the initial checkout using a payment method not supported by one click post-purchase offers, they will still have the option to purchase the Thank You Page offer shown above.

Another benefit is that this offer is available on the customer's Order Details page that they can access from the "Order Confirmation" email sent out by Shopify:

Customers often re-visit this page after they've completed their order, to check the status, payment method, and other order information, making it the perfect location to include an additional offer the customer can consider adding.

Paid / Partially paid

The customer will be required to complete the "Payment" step of Shopify Checkout once again to pay for the TY Page offer:

📝 When the "Add to my order" button is clicked for the TY Page Offer, it is added to the customer's original order and they're redirected back to the "Payment" step of Shopify Checkout to complete payment for it.

Until it is paid for, the Order will have a "Partially paid" status. If the TY Page Offer is not paid for within 30 minutes of being added, OCU automatically removes it by default. If you don't want that to happen, disable the "Remove Unpaid Item From Orders" setting located at Settings > TY Page Upsells within OCU. More details

📝 If the Cash on Delivery payment option is used on the TY Page make sure to disable the "Remove Unpaid Item From Orders" setting. More details

Once payment is completed or the unpaid item is removed, the Order Status updates to "Paid" and the order can be fulfilled.

*After the Thank You Page offer is added and paid for:

Accessing the TY Page Offer editor

The Thank You Page offer is an available offer type in each Upsell Funnel you create. To access the TY Page Editor within an upsell funnel or to add a new one, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Dashboard screen (home), click into the "Funnels" section.

  2. Click on the name of the funnel that contains your TY Page offer that you'd like to edit or where you'd like to add a new one.

  3. In the Funnel Builder, click on the Thank You Page offer card if it's already been added there or click on the "Choose Product" button to select a product.

  4. You will then be launched into the Thank You Page offer editor to start editing your offer!

Working with the Editor

The Thank You Page offer editor is where you configure the settings for the offer you'd like to make and the style of the offer. It's comprised of the following 4 sections:

  • General - Set the background color of the offer

  • Incentive (formerly "Timer") - Enable/disable the timer and set the timer value (10/5/3 minutes)

  • Buy Box - Set the image size, decide which variant(s) to use, set a discount and other offer-related settings

  • Button - Set the CTA button size, color, and hover-state color

*Builder Tips

  • To edit, hover over elements in the page view. When you see the blue highlight simply click to edit that specific element.

  • Clicking on an element also opens the relevant section in the left sidebar.

  • To edit the offer (discount, variants, etc.) open the BUY BOX section in the sidebar.

  • Order summary on the preview does not contain any real data (buyer's name, currency, total, etc.).

The Buy Box section is where most of the configuration for the offer you'd like to make is done. Clicking into the Buy Box section, you will be presented with the following options and settings:

◼️ Image Size - Choose between Small, Medium (default), and Large sizes for the Hero Image section.

◼️ Variants - By default, all product variants are selected for the offer. If you'd like only a certain one(s) used, click into the variant section to make your selection.

📝If only one variant is selected to use as the offer, then the "Hide Variant Selector" setting becomes available as well.

◼️ Discount - 4 options available to choose from:

  • None - no discount, use full product price.

  • Percentage - enter in the % off you'd like to offer the product at.

  • Fixed amount - enter the $ amount off you'd like to offer the product at.

  • Compare at price - uses the "Compare at price" you've set for your product in Shopify admin. *Note: This discount option does not actually discount your product price like percentage and fixed amount do.

📝Discounts applied for Percentage and Fixed amount are based on the product "Price" set in Shopify admin, not the "Compare at price".

◼️ Price Color - Set the color for the offer's price text.
📝When a discount is enabled, Original Price Color and Savings Label options become available as well.

◼️ Hide Offer if post-purchase upsell was shown - Enable this setting if you don't want the offer shown if any post-purchase offer(s) were presented to the customer for their order. For example, enable this setting if you want to use the TY Page Offer only as a fallback option for cases when the post-purchase offer wasn’t shown for some reason I.e. the order was paid for using a non-supported "digital wallet" (PayPal Express/Apple Pay, etc) or any other unsupported payment method for post-purchase offers.

◼️ Hide offer if upsell product is purchased at Checkout - This is a conditional setting telling this offer to not show if the customer has already purchased the same item at checkout. This setting is Product-specific and not Variant-specific I.e. it applies to the Product including all variants for that product. Don't enable this setting if you will be upselling more of the same product as the trigger product.

If you enable this setting, you will also have 2 different Quantity conditions available to choose from:

  • In any quantity - Hides the upsell from showing if any quantity of the same product is purchased at checkout.

  • In quantity of more than - Hides the upsell from showing if the quantity purchased is greater than the number you set.

◼️ Offer Description - Enable this option to add an Offer Description field to your offer where additional sales copy can be added.

Important Notes

1. The TY Page Offer doesn’t have Shipping settings. This is due to an API limitation that does not allow us to work with shipping for TY Page Offer. Therefore, it's important to consider the absence of shipping settings when creating your funnels and offers. Due to the TY Page offer not being able to add extra shipping, it's recommended to use a product that will likely not incur additional shipping charges than what was already paid for the original order.

2. If the customer uses a %-based discount code for their original order at Checkout, it will also be applied to the TY Page Offer when the customer accepts it and is redirected to the "Payment" step of Shopify Checkout to pay for the TY Page Offer.

For example, the customer uses a 10% discount code at Checkout and then accepts the TY page offer which is a $10 item with a $1 discount applied to it. The offer item is added to the order and the 10% discount code will be applied on top of the OCU discount. In this case, the Total for the TY Page offer would be 10% off the $9 price, which = $8.10

3. If the "Local Delivery" Shipping method is used by the customer at Checkout, due to a current Shopify API limitation the TY page Offer won't be shown for such checkouts.

4. Subscription products aren't compatible for use as a TY page offer.

5. When all products in the original order are digital, the TY Page Offer will not be shown if it's a physical product because no shipping info was added to the original order, which is necessary to ship a physical product.

6. When the customer accepts a TY page offer, the product is added to the order and they're directed to the Edit Order page to pay for the offer. The Edit Order page has all the payment methods that Checkout has. The customer is able to use different payment methods on the Edit Order page than what they used at Checkout.

7. A TY Page Offer with a price range from 0.1 - 0.49 in whichever currency your store uses are not able to be bought (the price must be .50 minimum). However, a Free ($0) product can be offered on the TY Page if desired. In this case, the customer will not need to complete the extra payment step to add it to their order.

8. Multi-currency orders are not supported. When a customer pays for their order in a currency that is different from the store’s main currency, the TY page offer will not be shown due to Shopify API limitations.

9. The TY Page Offer is not able to be added to archived orders in Shopify since OCU has no access to those orders via Shopify's API. If you have the "Automatically archive the order" option enabled in Shopify settings at Settings > Checkout > Order processing, your customers won't be able to add the offer if the order has already been archived:

Therefore, consider disabling this Shopify setting if you have it enabled, in order to have TY Page Offers to work correctly.

Other Details

  • The TY Page upsell will only be shown if the Order Status is "Open" (not Cancelled or Archived) and the Fulfilment Status is "Unfulfilled" when the Order Confirmation page loads.
    📝It will still be shown for orders that contain only digital products, even if the order is fulfilled.

  • The availability time of the TY Page Offer is limited to 1 month after the original order has been completed I.e. the customer is able to add it for up to a month or until the order has been fulfilled or archived in Shopify admin.

  • Taxes are not shown on the offer. Taxes will be shown on the "Payment" step after the customer accepts the offer.

  • TY Page Offer statistics are updated when the offer is paid. Until then, only the “View” statistic will be tracked for the offer.

Previewing your TY Page Offer

The TY Page offer editor has built-in preview modes for Desktop/Tablet/Mobile, so you can see how your offer will be displayed on all different devices.

Once you're done previewing, click the " < Back To Editor" link to continue editing.

Saving your TY Page Offer

Once you've completed editing your TY page offer to your liking, don't forget to click the "Save" button to save your changes:

If this button is not clicked before exiting the editing session (or refreshing the page) then your work will not be saved and you will need to re-do it.

If you really like the TY offer page you've just created and want to have it be the default for new TY Page offers you add to funnels, click the "Save as Default" button and the current design and settings will be the new default:

Facebook Pixel Events

If you use the native Facebook Pixel integration for Shopify, then when the original order is completed and the customer lands on the first OCU post-purchase upsell page, the "Purchase" event fires and records the initial order conversion then:

If the customer adds the Thank You Page Offer to their order, the "InitiateCheckout" event fires once again when Shopify Checkout is redirected to, but only includes data about the TY Page Offer added:

Once payment for the TY Page Offer is completed, the "Purchase" event fires once again and records the TY Page Offer conversion and data:

Please reach out to us in chat if you have any questions we can help with!

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