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Shareable Links are a powerful subscription tool designed to boost your Shopify store's SMS subscribers list, by sharing them on popular social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

When someone on a mobile device clicks the link (or swipes up on an Instagram story) it launches their text app with a pre-filled subscription message ready to be sent. If the link is clicked on a desktop/laptop computer, it takes them to a landing page on your Shopify store with an SMS-signup box where they can enter their phone number to opt-in.

📝Make sure you're placing the link in your campaigns targeted for the USA audience, as Kinnekt currently supports messaging to the USA only.

  • Links are free to create and share

  • You can share them wherever you want

  • ~15-25% conversion rate from swipe-up subscription via Instagram Stories

Creating a new Shareable Link

To create your first new Shareable Link to help you grow your SMS subscriber list, click on the "Create First Link" button from the Shareable Links section of the Kinnekt app:

That will take you to the Shareable Link Wizard to walk you through the process.

📝 If you've already created a shareable link, you will have the following two options available to create new one(s):

  • Create with Wizard

  • Create New Link

Step 1: Generate a new Shopify Landing Page designed to collect new SMS subscribers

  • Click the "Generate Shopify Page" button to generate a new Shopify Landing Page

  • The page will be generated automatically with an SMS subscription form embedded on it

  • Click the "✏️ Edit Page" button to edit the page in a new tab if desired

  • Click the "Continue" button

Step 2: Connect a Flow and edit your Opt-in Message

  • Name your Shareable Link

  • Select the "Subscription" Flow visitors will be added to when using this link to subscribe. 📝The Response that will be received is determined by the Flow you've connected

  • Edit the Opt-in Message text if desired. The opt-in message is the text that will pre-populate on the visitor's phone when they click on your Shareable Link

  • Ensure your "Terms and Conditions" legal page link is accurate

  • Click the "Continue" button when ready

Step 3: Your Sharable Link is Generated and Ready to be Copied

Generate new SMS subscribers from anywhere at any time using your new Shareable Link!

  • Click the "Copy" button next to your generated Shareable Link to copy it to your clipboard and remain on the page

  • Click the "Copy Link & Finish" button to copy the link and go back to the Shareable Links section

Important Notes

1. The Shareable Link itself needs to be enabled by clicking the "Status" switcher for it to the ON position:

2. The Shopify Page generated for use with the Shareable Link needs to be set to "Visible" in your Shopify admin (Online Store > Pages) so the page URL can be visited successfully:

3. The "Subscription" Flow connected to the Shareable Links needs to be enabled before the Shareable Link itself is able to be enabled. If the Flow you've connected isn't currently enabled, your link will be orange indicating an issue. Hover over the shareable link title to see a tooltip with helpful information I.e. enable the Flow you've connected first:

Shareable Link Statistics

Total and individual statistics are available for your Shareable Links so you can gauge how well they're performing as a whole as well as individually.

Total stats across all shareable links are listed at the top, while individual link stats are listed in the table below:

  • Clicks - Counted each time someone clicks on a specific Shareable Link. Clicks are unique

  • Subscribers - Total number of subscribers who've opted-in via a specific Shareable Link

  • Conversion Rate - The percentage of Shareable Link clicks who’ve become active subscribers via a specific Shareable Link. *Opt-outs not included. [Conversion Rate = (Total Link Opt-Ins / Total Clicks) * 100%]

  • Revenue - The amount of revenue generated by a specific Shareable Link

Shareable Link Status + Actions

In the Status column, you can enable or disable specific Shareable Links you've created. Click the "Status" switcher to enable or disable the link. As mentioned above, the "Subscription" Flow connected to the link needs to be enabled prior to enabling the link itself.

Actions available for Shareable Links are the following:

  • Copy link - Click the button next to the link name to copy the shareable link

  • View Subscription Opt-in Page - Click the 👁️ icon below the Actions column

  • Edit Shareable Link settings - Click the ✏️ icon below the Actions column

  • Delete Shareable Link - Click the 🗑️ icon below the Actions column. Click the "Delete" button in the popup to confirm the action

Please reach out to use in support chat if you have any questions we can help answer!

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