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Campaigns are a way to send a one-off message to a particular subscriber Segment, or even to all subscribers at once if desired. Some ways Campaigns can be used effectively in your SMS marketing to drive more revenue and increase brand awareness are the following:

  • A new flash sale

  • A new product you're launching

  • Promotional campaigns I.e. general sales and seasonal messages such as winter offerings or Valentine's Day gifts

  • BFCM

  • Content messages

  • etc.

Creating a New Campaign

Follow the steps below to create a new Campaign in Kinnekt:

1. From the "Campaigns" section, click on the "Create New Campaign" button

2. In the popup, enter the Campaign Name. Recommended naming convention is Subject + Segment I.e. BFCM - All Subscribers

3. In the Message section, write the actual content for the message you want to send, including any discount you'd like offered
📝Make sure to include a discount or store link in your message so statistics can be tracked and calculated correctly. Campaign messages that include no links will only show the "Sent" statistic.

4. In the Recipients section, choose the Segment of subscribers you want the message sent to from the dropdown menu

5. In the Sending Time section, choose when you want the message sent:

  • Send Now - Sends the message immediately
    📝The Campaign message will not be sent to subscribers who are actively in Quiet Hours (if enabled). It will be sent after Quiet Hours instead.

  • Custom Date - Sends the message at the future date and time you specify
    📝Sending Time is based on your store's timezone.

6. Click the "Schedule Campaign" button to finish or the "Save Draft" button to save it so you can come back to it later
📝If you've chosen "Send Now" under Sending Time, the message will be sent to all subscribers in the Segment immediately after clicking the "Schedule Campaign" button

Campaign Statistics

Total and individual statistics are available for your Campaigns so you can gauge how well they're performing as a whole as well as individually.

Total stats across all campaigns are listed at the top, while individual link stats are listed in the table below:

  • Sent - The number of subscribers a specific Campaign message was sent to

  • Clicks - The number of times a link included in a specific Campaign was clicked

  • Orders - The number of orders placed via clicking a link included in a specific Campaign OR using the discount code from the message

  • Revenue - The amount of revenue generated by a specific Campaign

Campaign Status & Actions

A Campaign can have 1 of 4 types:

  • Draft - The campaign was saved as a draft

  • Scheduled - The campaign was scheduled to send at a later date + time

  • In Progress - The campaign message is currently being sent to subscribers included in the segment

  • Completed - The campaign message has completed sending to subscribers included in the segment

A Status switcher will be available for Campaigns that have either Draft or Scheduled types, so they can be turned on or off.

Actions available for Draft or Scheduled types include:

  • Click the 👁️ button to see a quick view of the campaign details and settings

  • Click the ✏️ button to edit the campaign details and settings

  • Click the 🗑️ button to delete the campaign
    📝The delete action will need to be confirmed in the popup before the campaign is deleted. This action can't be undone.

Campaigns that use the "Send Now" sending time option don't have a clickable status switcher, as the message is sent immediately. Instead, their type will be listed as either "In progress" (while the subscriber segment is being sent the message) or "Completed" (when all subscribers in the segment have been sent the message).

For a campaign that has "In progress" type, an "End Campaign" button will be included in the Actions column. If you've made a mistake and realize you don't want to actually send the message now, click it and then click the "End Campaign" button in the popup to stop sending the message to any remaining segment subscribers:

Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions we can help with!

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