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The Message Editor is where you'll write the actual text message content your subscribers will receive from your Flows and Campaigns.

In the message text field, you write your message relevant to the flow or campaign being used. If you're using one of our pre-built flow Templates, recommended text will be included by default. Edit it as needed to match your brand's communication style.

Working with the Message Editor

Besides writing the text message content in the Message Editor, the following can be done there as well:

  • Add an image or gif you'd like sent along with the message, making it an MMS message instead. Images and Gifs are great ways to increase engagement and show off product and other brand imagery. The image/gif is sent first, then the text message immediately after. A 128x128px .PNG file is recommended. Max file size of 4.8MB

  • Include a discount link that will auto-apply at Checkout when the subscriber clicks on it and shops your store or recovers their abandoned cart.
    If you include a discount, make sure to include information about the Discount being offered in your message I.e. "and get 10% OFF your order"

  • Add shortcodes (variables) to dynamically insert subscriber info, discount links and other content

  • Add emoji to give your message a lighthearted and friendly feel

See the character counter and how many SMS/MMS message(s) will be sent based on the content you add and the length of it. A price calculator is also built-in to give you an idea about how much the message will cost to send:

Important Notes about Message types and Cost:

  • 1 SMS including plain text only has a 160 character limit. 1 SMS costs ~ $0.013 to send. You can send more than one SMS per message, but the price increases accordingly I.e. a message with 320 characters of plain text is considered to be 2 SMS.

  • 1 SMS with Text + Emoji (which is counts as a special symbols) cuts the SMS symbols capacity to 70 characters I.e. a message with 140 characters including emoji is considered to be 2 SMS.

  • 1 MMS which includes text (and any emoji) and an Image/GIF has only one option with a 1600 character limit. One MMS costs ~ $0.046 to send.

  • This message cost calculator shows the approximate cost, based on the known characters added to the message. Shortcode variables can vary in actual character length due to their dynamic nature, so it's possible the message will cost slightly more to send than what the calculator approximates.

Previewing a Message

See a Message Preview and even send yourself a test message directly by entering your phone number and clicking the "Send Test Message" button.

๐Ÿ“You will be charged for sending test messages. Images/GIFโ€™s will not be sent in test messages. Discount links included in test messages will direct to the Homepage, even if you've specified a specific URL.

Message Strength

Message Strength is designed as a recommendation based on best-practices on how to make the text message both TCPA compliant as well as fun and engaging for the recipient.

๐Ÿ“Message Strength has 3 states:

Weak โ€“ Red = [0, 40 %)

Strong โ€“ Yellow = [40%, 75 %)

Powerful โ€“ Blue = [75 %, 100%]

Shortcodes (Variables)

Shortcodes are variables which display dynamic content in your message when used.

  • {StoreName} - Displays your store name in the message.

  • {SiteURL} - Displays your store URL in the message.

  • {FirstName} - Displays the customer's first name

  • {LastName} - Displays the customer's last name

  • {CheckoutTotal} - Displays the Checkout Total of their last abandoned cart

  • {CheckoutSubTotal} - Displays the Checkout Subtotal of their last abandoned cart

  • {CheckoutCurrency} - Displays the Checkout Currency used on your store

  • {CheckoutUpdated} - Displays the date the checkout was updated

  • {OrderItemsCount} - Displays the number of items in the last abandoned cart

  • {CustomerPhone} - Displays the customer Phone Number

  • {CustomerCountry} - Displays the Customer Country

  • {CustomerCity} - Displays the Customer City

  • {CustomerProvince} - Displays the Customer Province/State

  • {CustomerAddress} - Displays the Customer Street Address

  • {AbandonedCheckoutUrl} - Displays the Abandoned Cart Restore Link for their last abandoned checkout

๐Ÿ“Depending on the Flow Type you're configuring, different shortcodes will be available for use.

To use a Shortcode in your message, simply place the cursor where you want and then click on the shortcode you'd like inserted.

Please reach out to us in support chat if you've any questions we can help with!

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