⚠️ Kinnekt is currently in a closed-BETA. If you'd like to be a BETA user, please reach out to our support at help@zipify.com ⚠️

Follow the 6 Steps outlined in this article to get your Kinnekt app installed and setup to grow your SMS subscriber list, increase customer engagement and boost sales for your Shopify store!

1. Install Kinnekt and secure your new Number

The first step is to install the Kinnekt app to your Shopify admin via our install link, by entering in your myshopify.com store URL and clicking the "Install" button.

Once the app is installed and the Shopify Billing agreement is approved, you'll be taken through a quick Onboarding Wizard to secure your new number and complete setup of your account.

When providing this information, please note that this is the Name, Email, Phone Number, etc that we'll have on file for you and the information that will be used in legal agreements with your new mobile service provider so we can provision your new 10-digit Toll Free Number.

When we email you any reminders, updates, and/or important changes, this will be the email we'll use. So be sure to provide one where you or your team can be reached!

📝Keep in mind that it may take up to 2 business days to activate your new Kinnekt number. You can continue on with the remaining steps in this guide in the meantime!

2. Update your Store's Legal Pages

Next, update your store's "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" legal pages to include TCPA compliance language. Follow steps 1 and 2 in this help article to ensure this is done correctly.

You must also check the box in Step 3 of this section for TCPA Compliance, acknowledging that you understand that SMS communications with your customers and protentional customers complies with the TCPA. Click this link to learn more about TCPA compliance rules and regulations

3. Update your Shopify Checkout, Shopify Plus Checkout and/or OCU Checkout

To compliantly collect SMS subscribers at Checkout so you can start growing your SMS subscriber list immediately, you'll first need to apply an update in your Shopify admin.

Steps 1 and 2 should been completed in the previous step of this guide, so follow and implement the remaining step 3 in this article to update your Shopify Checkout.

4. Set up and Enable an "Abandoned Cart" and "Post-Purchase" SMS Flow

Next, set up and enable an "Abandoned Cart" and "Post-purchase" SMS Flow in the "Flows" section of the Kinnekt app.

Learn all about our SMS Flows, Flow Templates and how to set them up here in this help article.

📝Flow Templates come with pre-built message(s), message content and time delays. They're a great starting point and can be used as-is in most cases, although you're free to edit them in any way you'd like after selecting one and going to the Flow Builder.

5. Set up and Enable a Mobile Popup + Welcome Message Flow

The Mobile Popup is a great way to grow your SMS Subscriber list by presenting mobile visitors to your store with an easy way to optin for text message marketing.

Incentive visitors even further by offering a discount on their order when they opt-in as a new subscriber!

Learn all about Mobile Popups and how to set them up to quickly grow your SMS subscriber list here in this help article.

6. Turn on Auto Recharge

By enabling the Auto Recharge option, we will automatically add more credits if your balance falls below a certain threshold. In this way, you don't have to worry that you will run out of credits and your messages will continue to be sent.

📝All transactions are secured by Shopify.

Find our more about our helpful Auto Recharge option here in this help article.

Please reach out to us in Support Chat if you've any questions we can help with!

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