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The Subscriptions integration allows you to offer a subscription product as a one click post-purchase offer! The integration was built and tested specifically for the new ReCharge Subscriptions app that works on Shopify Checkout.

As of May 5th, 2022 a Post-Purchase Offer integration was added for the following subscription apps as well: Seal, Appstle℠, and Loop subscriptions apps.
*For the Loop app, you must first set the conditions of the subscription for the product and only then create a Post-Purchase Offer.

Currently, OCU doesn’t have the ability to show a subscription product as a pre-purchase offer, but this option will become available in a future update with current ETA of Q2/Q3 2022.

The integration for post-purchase works on both the "single product" and "1 of 3" options for post-purchase offer pages:

Post-purchase will be shown with a subscription option, when the original order doesn't contain a subscription. However, there are some limitation when the original order already contains a subscription. If the original Checkout order includes a subscription product, the subscription option won't be shown on the post-purchase page.

For cases where the original order already includes a subscription product:

  • If the post-purchase offer product is set for "subscription only" in the Subscription app, we will skip the offer page from being shown completely.

  • If the post-purchase offer product is set for "One-time & subscription" in the Subscription app, we will show the offer page, but only the "One-time" option will be available.

  • The same logic applies to the post-purchase Upsell 2 page: If the customer accepts Upsell 1 which is a subscription product then the Upsell 2 "subscription only" product will be skipped.

Adding a Post-purchase Subscription Offer

The flow of adding a Subscription product to an Upsell Funnel is the same as for other non-subscription products. After the subscription type for a product is set in your subscriptions app, the subscription widget will appear on Post-purchase upsell offer pages that use that product as the offer.

On the post-purchase offer page interactive preview, you will see new components if a subscription product is used for the offer:

  1. Selling plan group option

  2. Ability to edit option titles

  3. Buyer consent form

  4. Recurring billing summary

Selling plan group option (1)

The selling plan group option displays the "One-time purchase" option and the frequency-based "Subscription" option(s) which have been set for that product in the Recharge subscriptions app:

How the widget will display on the offer page is determined by the "Subscription widget" settings and the "Subscription type" chosen for the product in your Recharge subscription app. See subscription types available in the Recharge Subscriptions app.

The OCU/Recharge post-purchase integration works with "One-time & subscription" and "Subscription only" options. It's not compatible with Pre-paid subscriptions.
All Recharge workflows, including the free trial workflow, are compatible with the integration and OCU post-purchase functionality.

Edit option titles (2)

There's the ability to edit the following option titles which are displayed in the subscription widget via the interactive preview:

  • "One-time purchase"

  • "Subscribe"

  • "Subscribe & Save"

  • "Deliver every XX Days"

  • "Deliver every XX Days, Charge every XX Days"

Just click on the subscription option element or dropdown label to invoke the text editor to make desired edits. These fields can't be left blank.

Buyer consent form (3)

In order to add a subscription item to the order, customers have to consent to your subscription policy. A consent checkbox and a link to your store's subscription policy (Settings > Legal pages > Subscription policy in your Shopify admin) appear below the Total cost summary section.

The "Pay now" button will be inactive until the customer checks the box, at which time the button becomes active and the subscription is able to be added to the order.

Recurring billing summary (4)

Post-purchase subscription offers include a recurring summary line. This line is used to communicate the selected selling plan group option and recurring cost, less tax and shipping, to the customer.

Enable / Disable the Subscription Option

If the offer product used has both "One-time & Subscription" options configured for it in your supported subscription app, then a toggle "Allow subscription option for this product" becomes available in the Buy Box 1 section of the offer editor:

Enabled by default, so both one-time and subscription options will show on your post-purchase offer page. If you'd only like the one-time option to be available, click the toggle to the off position.

📝"Subscription only" products will remain unaffected.

Subscription Widget Colors

The subscription widget radio buttons, dropdown border, consent checkbox, and subscription policy link all inherit the "Accents" color from your Checkout styles set in your Theme.

To edit this color if desired, navigate to Online Store > Themes > Customize in your Shopify admin to open the Theme Editor. Once there, navigate to Theme settings > Checkout > Colors to find the "Accents" color option there:

Important Notes about Post-purchase

  • Payment processors that you can use for post-purchase subscriptions are Shopify Payments, PayPal Express, Authorize.net and Stripe (only available to some merchants) as these are the only one which are currently supported by Recharge.

  • An unpaid subscription offer can't be removed from the Order due to Shopify API limitations. This means the "Remove Unpaid Item From Orders" setting located at Settings > Post-Purchase within the OCU app isn't able to work on subscription products.

  • OCU Discounts: "Fixed amount" and "Percentage" discounts added to your post-purchase offer page won't be applied to the product with the "subscription" option selected, only to the "one-time" option.

    Only the discount set in the subscription app will be shown and used for the "subscription" option I.e. when switching from the "one-time" to the "subscription" option, the OCU discount will disappear from the offer page and the discount set in your subscription app will be shown instead.

  • Digital subscription products can't be bought as a Post-purchase upsell if the checkout was completed with only digital product(s), due to a current Shopify API limitation. In this case, the post-purchase offer page will still be shown, but with an error message: "This payment method isn't available for subscription orders."

Important Notes about Pre-purchase

  • For the Recharge app that works on Shopify Checkout:
    When there’s a subscription product in the cart, the pre-purchase offer with a “fixed amount” or “percentage” discount will be shown. However, if the customer accepts such an offer and goes to checkout, then the subscription product will be added as a regular one-time purchase product instead. This is due to Shopify Draft Order API limitations.

    Therefore, for stores with subscription products from the Recharge app, we recommend using the "none" or "compare at price" discount for pre-purchase offers. This way there will be no conflict between subscription products and OCU pre-purchase offers.

  • For the Recharge app that has its own Checkout:
    When there's a subscription product in the cart (whether it's an OCU trigger product or not) a pre-purchase offer will not be shown in order to prevent an incompatibility issue with ReCharge Checkout and the Shopify Draft Order API.
    Switch to the new ReCharge app that uses Shopify Checkout if you want the pre-purchase popup to be shown when a customer adds a subscription trigger product.

  • Currently, OCU doesn’t have the ability to show a subscription product as a pre-purchase offer, but this option will become available in a future update with current ETA of Q2/Q3 2022.

Common Issues when Setting Up the Integration

If the following cases occur:

  • Product with “subscription only” option is not shown as a post-purchase offer

  • Subscription option is not shown for post-purchase when it’s a “one-time and subscribe” option.


Make sure that you have your Recharge widget published in the app. Open post-purchase preview and make sure that preview contains the "Deliver every" element.

Also the preview should contain a consent checkbox:

If you still don’t see both of these elements on the post-purchase preview page, try to republish the Recharge subscription widget within your Recharge app.

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