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Adding the Instagram block

The "Instagram" block can be found in the Plugins section of the page block library:

📝Only one Instagram block can be added per page.

After you add the block to your page, click directly on it and an Instagram login popup will appear.

Login to the account where you want posts displayed from and click the "Allow" button:

Once the account is connected, your posts will populate within the Instagram Widget:

Configuring the Instagram Block

Once the block has been added and your account connected, you're able to configure the display of the block and posts on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile separately using the settings available in the sidebar:

  • In the "Edit on" (1) section, choose which device type you'd like to edit the display of the block for.

  • In the "Columns" (2) section, choose the number of columns you'd like displayed on the chosen device type.

  • In the "Rows" (3) section, choose the number of rows.

  • In the "Space between images" (4) section, you can choose the amount of spacing in px you want between each image.

  • In the "Number of Posts" (5) section, choose the number of posts you'd like displayed. This setting is common across all devices.

Disconnecting an Account

To disconnect your Instagram account so a new one can be connected, navigate to the Settings > Integrations section of the app. Find the "Instagram" section there and click the "Disconnect" button:

Confirm the action by clicking the "Disconnect" button in the popup:

To reconnect the account or to connect a different one, click the "Connect" button:

Login via the Instagram popup and click the "Allow" button:

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