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Placing a live test order on your store after a funnel has been published and buying the offer product on the Thank You Page is highly recommended. That way you get a chance to see the flow and the live offer first-hand, from a customer perspective. It can also be helpful in-case any unforeseen issues may arise which can sometimes only be replicated on a live offer page.

Order Flows

There are two different order flows that can occur, depending on the customer who places the order on your store.

1. A customer who checks out while signed-in to their store Account and pays for their order using a saved credit card added to their account profile:

In this case, the customer is able to buy the Thank You Page Offer in one-click!
The same saved credit card will be used to pay for the new order that includes the offer product and the order will be created and generated in your BigCommerce admin, all in one step.

📝Payment gateways like Stripe.com have the option to store a customer's credit card to their store account. Make sure this option is enabled for your credit card processor (if applicable) in the Store Setup > Payments > Stripe Settings section of your BigCommerce admin panel:

A checkbox will then be available for logged-in customers at the Payment step of Checkout. This option will only be available for customer's who have an account on your store and are logged-in at checkout. Not available for Guest checkouts.

📝A customer can also manually save a credit card to their account in the Accounts > Payment Methods section of their store account.

2. A customer who checks out as a Guest and pays for their order with a credit card or any other payment method connected to your BigCommerce Checkout.

In this case, the customer is redirected to the "Payment" step of BigCommerce Checkout after clicking the "Buy now" button on the offer, to complete payment for it. The customer only needs to complete payment by choosing any payment method and clicking the "Place Order" button to place the new order. They are not required to re-enter any shipping and/or billing information, all of that will be pre-loaded for them!

Placing a Live Test Order

Follow the quick and easy steps below to place a live test order to test out your Funnel and Offer!

1. Add a Trigger Product from one of your OCU Funnels to the Cart and proceed to Checkout.

2. At step 1 of Checkout, either sign in to your account or continue as a guest.

3. At step 2, fill in your Shipping info.

4. At step 3, fill in your Billing info (or check the box "My billing address is the same as my shipping address." on step 2) and choose a Shipping method.

5. At step 4, pay for the order using a live credit card. At least 50 cents must be paid at checkout.
📝A test card can also be used, but requires your payment processor be in "Test Mode" and will be unable to process live credit card transactions.

6. When you land on the Thank You Page, your Offer will appear. Click the "Buy now" button to purchase the offer.

📝Depending on information in the "Order Flows" section above, the offer will either be purchased in one-click or you will be redirected to the Payment step of Checkout to complete payment for the Offer.

Order Flow 1

Order Flow 2

Please reach out to us in Support Chat or by emailing us at help@zipify.com if you have any questions we can help with!

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