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The "Funnels" section is the main section of the app where most of your time will likely be spent. There you can:

  • Create new funnels (1)

  • Edit existing funnels (2)

  • Synchronize product data (3)

  • View funnel statistics and conversion rate (4)

  • Set funnel priority (5)

  • Enable / Disable funnels (6)

Creating a new Funnel

To create a new funnel, simply click the "Create funnel" button located in the top-right corner to start the process. More details on funnel creation and editing can be found in this article:


Some changes to product information (Product variant names, prices, pictures etc.) do not update automatically in the OCU app. After every change to a product(s) in your "Products" section of your BigCommerce admin panel, the "Synchronize" button should be clicked:

📝Product inventory/stock levels don't require the Synchronize button to be clicked, those are updated in real-time. The sync process typically takes under one minute, but can take longer depending on the size of your BigCommerce product catalogue.

Funnel Statistics

Statistics and a Date Selector are available in the "Funnels" section so you can gauge how well each funnel is performing now and over a period of time. Stats in the Funnels section are updated in real-time, however stats on the Home and Dashboard sections are updated once per day.

The following date ranges are available to choose from:

The following statistics are available for each funnel:


The number of times the offer in the funnel was viewed for the specified period of time.


Conversion Rate of the offer = (Purchases / Views) * 100

Total $

The sum total of offer revenue the funnel has generated.


How much revenue each offer view has generated on average.

Funnel Priority

Funnels are listed in order of Priority. If a customer purchases a trigger product from two or more different funnels, the offer from the funnel that has the highest priority will be shown.

To change the priority of your funnels at any time, simply drag and drop them into the desired order, then click the "Save" button:

A funnel can be moved to the very top or bottom of your list by clicking into the "More actions" menu and selecting either "⬆ Move to top" or "⬇ Move to bottom"

Enabling, Disabling and Deleting Funnels

In the "Status" column of the funnel list, there is a toggle available to enable an inactive funnel or to disable an active one. Simply click the switch and the funnel status will change accordingly:

To delete a funnel, click on the "More actions" menu and select the "X Delete" option. Confirm the action by clicking the "Delete" button on the popup:

📝Deletion of a funnel cannot be undone.

If you have a very large number of funnels created, you can search for a specific one using the available "Search" field by typing in a keyword:

You can choose how many funnels to display per page (20, 50, 100 or 200) using the dropdown menu located at the bottom-left of the funnel list:

Please reach out to us in Support Chat or by emailing us at help@zipify.com if you have any questions we can help with!

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