Q: What is the total cost of using OCU for BigCommerce?

A: OCU BETA merchants will receive a special promotional pricing of $300/month for the duration of the BETA, with a free 30-day trial included.

Q: Will the customer need to re-enter their payment information again at Checkout to buy the TY Page offer?

A: No, as long as the customer pays for the initial order using a credit card stored to their Account on your store. In this case, the offer is able to be bought in one-click! Guest checkouts will require the customer to complete the "Payment" step of Checkout only to pay for the offer after adding it.

Q: If the customer doesn’t want the TY Page offer (closes their browser window after the initial checkout), can I lose my initial sale?

A: No. The thank you page offer is made only after the customer has already completed their initial purchase, so you can never lose your initial sale!

Q: When the customer buys the TY Page offer, is an additional order created?

A: Yes, an additional order is created when the customer buys the TY Page offer.

Q: Do discount/coupon codes applied at Checkout affect the TY Page offer price?

A: No. A discount code applied at Checkout for the initial order applies to the item(s) included in the Checkout only. The TY Page offer has its own "Discount" functionality which can be applied to each specific offer being made.

Q: Is there an ability to give Free Shipping for the TY Page Offer?

A: Yes. Free shipping can be enabled for the TY Page offer to help increase conversion. If enabled, it applies to the TY Page offer only. Otherwise, the same shipping cost charged for the initial order will be used for the TY Page offer.

Q: What is a Trigger Product?

A: A “Trigger Product” is a term used to identify the store product(s) that cause a particular Funnel to be used for an order. You select your Trigger Product(s) and which Offer to display each time you create or edit a Funnel.

Q: Will I receive tech support?

A: Yes! You will receive full in-app and email tech support as long as you are a subscriber.

Q: Do I need a developer or designer?

A: No. You can easily customize your OCU offer through the built-in Offer Editor.

Q: Is OCU's TY Page offer mobile responsive?

A: Yes. In addition to desktops and laptops, OCU works seamlessly on tablets and mobiles as well.

Q: Can I use OCU on multiple BigCommerce stores?

A: Your subscription to OCU is good for use on only one BigCommerce store. If you want to use OCU on multiple stores you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions.

Q: What if I am unhappy with the application?

A: OCU comes with a 30-day free trial. If you're not delighted with the app, simply delete it from your store before the trial ends and you won't be charged.

Q: Does OCU work on eCommerce platforms other than BigCommerce?

A: Not this particular app version. However, there is a OneClickUpsell app version available for the Shopify eCommerce platform as well.

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