After the app is Installed and the Terms and Conditions agreed to, your Free 30-day Trial period begins!

On the "Pricing" page, you can view how many free trial days you have left as well as a “Your OCU trial ends on __” yellow notification banner. All functions of the app are available for use during the free trial period.

After those 30 days, OCU beta merchants will receive a special promotional pricing of $300/month for the duration of the BETA.

Adding a Payment Card

An active payment card should be added on the Pricing page before the end of the free 30-day trial period, should you wish to continue using the app.

Click the "Add new pay card" button to enter in the credit card details for the card you want used for app charges:

Otherwise, the app functions will be blocked. In this case, a red alert message is displayed at the top of the app and you will be unable to Publish / Unpublish any created funnels:

📝After an active card has been added, it can be changed or deleted using the available actions:

Understanding Billing

Your subscription becomes active after the free 30-day trial is completed. Your first payment due date = Trial end date + 30 days.

The amount you pay during the BETA period is $300/month. Recurring payments are charged each 30 days.

If your payment is unsuccessful the system will attempt to charge your card every 4 hours during the next 24 hours. If payment is still unsuccessful your installation of OCU will be restricted and you won’t be able to publish or unpublish any funnels.

If you remove the app and then reinstall it your active card will be deleted automatically and you’ll have to add a new card to use OCU.

The "History" button becomes available once the trial period ends and a payment has been made:

Click it to navigate to the Payment History page where you can view the history of Successful / Failed payments and download payment documents (invoices and receipts).

Please reach out to us in Support Chat or by emailing us at help@zipify.com if you have any questions we can help with!

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