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Use a Zipify Page as the Homepage

To make any one of your published ZP pages your store actual Homepage, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings > General > Use ZP Page as the Homepage.

2. Click the switcher there to the "ON" position, select your desired ZP page from the drop-down menu that appears and then click Save.

That's it! Your selected ZP page will now be used for your store's Homepage.

To revert back to using your original Homepage, just click the switcher to the "OFF" position and Save and your original Homepage will then be used again.

*Note: If you change the "URL and Handle" of the page that is set as the Homepage, then your store's homepage will revert back to using your theme's original homepage. To use the ZP page once again, go back to the Settings within ZP, re-select the page and Save. 

Technical Stuff

Once the "Use ZP page as the Homepage of your store" feature is enabled, we're replacing the code in the index.liquid file of your theme.

In order to preserve this file's original code, we're creating a new Snippet file called index.original.zipifypages.liquid and placing the original code from the index.liquid file there:

Our code remains in the index.liquid file when the ZP app is disabled, but the previous code from the index.original.zipifypages.liquid file will work instead, so your original homepage will be shown again when the app is disabled without any additional action required.

However, in order to get your theme files back to their original state (if you want to remove the ZP app from your store or otherwise), you just need to copy the code from the index.original.zipifypages.liquid file:

Then use it to replace the content in the index.liquid file and Save:

Then delete the index.original.zipifypages.liquid Snippet file and you're done! 


If the Homepage feature is not working for any reason on your store and it's stuck on your theme's homepage instead, give the following troubleshooting steps a try in this order to see if it resolves the issue:

1. Disable the Homepage feature in the Zipify Pages app.
2. Copy the code from index.original.zipifypages.liquid and paste over the code in index.liquid with it and Save.
3. Delete the files index.original.zipifypages.liquid, index.zipifypages.liquid and index.custom.zipifypages.liquid from your theme.

*Note: If you've added any custom code to the index.zipifypages.liquid file, save a copy of it before deleting the file in a text doc so that you can add it back to the file after the process is completed.
4. Disable and re-enable the Zipify Pages app in the Settings > General section.
5. Enable the Homepage feature, re-select the page you want used as your Homepage and Save

Then check your store's homepage to see if the steps above have resolved the issue. 

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