Countdown Timer Options

This element allows you to have a countdown timer on your page. This is a great tool for your sale page to incentivize visitors to buy! 

The Countdown Timer element has 2 modes: 

Mode 1: The Evergreen Countdown Timer 

This mode allows you to set an exact number of minutes/hours/days which the timer will count down from for each visitor who visits your page individually. So the timer starts to count down once a visitor lands on your page.

It continues to work for the visitor even if they refresh the page during the same browsing session. However, if a new browsing session is started the countdown timer will reset when the page is visited again by the same visitor.

  • You can select the timer time from a list of predefined times (24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours and 1 hour) or you can set an exact Custom time. 

  • You can also adjust the Color and Size of the countdown timer. 

Mode 2: Countdown to Specific Date

This mode counts down the time to a specific date that you set. So, the time remaining will be the same for all visitors that land on the page. 

  • Select the Year, Month, Day and Time of day that you want the countdown timer to count down to. 

  • You can also adjust the Color and Size of the countdown timer.

  • Click the "Home" icon on the calendar once to go to your current day and twice to go to your current time (within a 15 minute interval). 

Once the countdown timer runs out, you have two options available:

1. Replace it with the content you specify (depends on the block selected).

Note: This content will not be shown on your published page until the countdown timer runs out. 

2. Completely hide the Countdown timer block after the timer has run out.

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