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The "ViewContent" Facebook Pixel Event [Zipify Pages]

Find out how Buy Box sections work with the "View Content" Facebook Pixel event!

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The "ViewContent" Facebook Pixel Event

If you've enabled the built-in Facebook Pixel integration for Shopify, then after a customer views a Product page on your store, the "ViewContent" FB pixel event is fired to indicate to FB that a particular product on your store has been viewed.

If the customer hasn't bought the product, you can then begin serving them Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook featuring the same product, to encourage them to take another look and hopefully purchase it.

How Buy Box Sections in Zipify Pages work with this Event

We fire the ViewContent event once for each unique product that you have on the page that is added via a Buy Box section.

This can have a negative effect on your FB ads retargeting efforts that use the ViewContent event since typically, the event should only be fired once when a Product Page (/products) is landed on and viewed on your store.

If the event is being fired for multiple different products when only one landing page is viewed, FB can serve up non-relevant DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) showing product(s) the customer never fully expressed interest in, like they would if a particular Product page was viewed instead.

The "Facebook Pixel" Setting included in the Page Builder

To address this issue, we have added a β€œFacebook Pixel” setting to the Publish/Update Settings:

...with a setting to track ViewContent event(s) or not:

If your page features multiple unique products added via Buy Boxes, then our recommendation is to set this setting to β€œNo” to prevent the multiple fires of the ViewContent event when the page is landed on.

As a final note, when you disable this setting on a Product page (/products) it only disables the ViewContent event(s) for the product(s) added via additional Buy Boxes and not for the Product section itself, which is being handled by the native Shopify FB pixel integration.

How to manually fire the "ViewContent" event using Code

If you've set the "Track View Content events" setting for a Landing page to "NO", but still want a ViewContent event to fire when the page loads, you can accomplish that by adding the script below to the Scripts > Footer section of your page as a Local script or into an "HTML Section" included on your page:

window.trekkie.load = function(){
fbq('track', 'ViewContent');
window.addEventListener('load', function() {
fbq('track', 'ViewContent');
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