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Opinew Reviews [Zipify Pages]

Display your Product Reviews widget from the Opinew App on your page!

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Opinew Product Reviews App UGC

๐Ÿ“To use this Plugin section, you will need to already have the Opinew Product Reviews App UGC installed and configured on your Shopify store.

Once the app is installed and configured properly, just select the "Opinew Reviews" section from the Plugins category of the page sections library:

A new Opinew Reviews element can also be added to any existing section on the page by clicking on the "add element" button above/below an existing element and selecting the "Opinew" element:

Next, click directly on the element to open the settings in the sidebar:

Click the "Add Product" button to select the product you want the reviews widget to be used for, then click the Save button:

The Opinew Review widget will show correctly for the Product you've selected on the Published page only and not in the page builder. Publish/Update your page and view it to see the review widget live:

Once a customer leaves a review, it will become available for moderation/comment in your Opinew Reviews app. More details here:

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