The Star Rating Element [Zipify Pages]
Show your product rating in Buy Boxes using the Star Rating element!
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The Star Rating is a social proof element designed to showcase your product rating directly in a Buy Box block. The settings for it consist of Integrations (1), Appearance (2) and Destination (3). It can be found in Buy Box blocks such as the following:

  • Dynamic Product Section (on "Full Customization" Product pages)

  • Dynamic Buy Box

  • Dynamic Bundle Offer

  • Multi Product Dynamic Buy Box

  • Product Listing 1

  • Product Listing 3

  • Collections Block (only static star rating supported)


In the "Integrations" section, you can choose to display the actual star rating pulled from your supported reviews app, for the product featured in the Buy Box block:

The following product review apps are supported (you must also have the corresponding app installed and enabled on your store):

  • None (rating will be set manually in the "Appearance" section)


  • Loox


  • Product Reviews by Shopify

  • Opinew

  • Yotpo

πŸ“If the selected Review App has not collected any reviews yet for the chosen product, the Star Rating element will be hidden on the published page.

Display Number of Reviews - When this option is enabled, a new element '(100)' will be displayed in the Builder. The appearance of the element can be edited by clicking the β€˜100’ element. On a published page, the number of reviews from the selected Review App will be pulled and displayed dynamically.


In the "Appearance" section, you can edit the appearance of the star rating element to match your branding. The following can be edited:

  • Choose Rating value from 1 to 5 stars. This section will not be accessible if a review app is chosen from the Integrations section instead.

  • Filled star color

  • Empty star color

  • Size (S/M/L)


In the "Destinations" section, choose what you want to happen if the star rating element is clicked or tapped on.

Generally, it's recommended to choose the "Page block" destination and select your Product Reviews block which has been added on the same page. That way, the page visitor will be taken to your product reviews section on the same page if they click or tap on the star rating element included in the Buy Box:

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