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Zipify Pages Integration for Product pages [OCU]

Enable the OCU integration in the Zipify Pages app to have Pre-purchase offers shown on Landing pages and "Full Customization" Product pages

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The integration between OneClickUpsell and Zipify Pages allows the OCU Pre-Purchase offer popup to be shown on Landing pages and Product pages published in Zipify Pages app, the same way as on a regular product page. The Pre-Purchase Offer is shown if either "Cart" or "Checkout" button destinations are chosen for the Product Button on the page.

📝 The integration works for Landing pages and Product pages only. It won’t work for Homepages or Blog/Blog post pages built in the Zipify Pages app.

Enabling the Integration

1. Navigate to One Click Upsell app. Make sure your Upsell Funnel that contains a Pre-Purchase Offer is enabled in OCU and the Product Page location is selected for it so it triggers when the "Add To Cart" button is clicked:

2. Navigate to the Zipify Pages app. Go to the Settings > Integrations and click the "SHOW MORE" dropdown. Find the integration for OneClickUpsell and enable it:


ZP contains discount:

  1. IF the cart contains a product with ZP “dynamic” discount and customer accepts an OCU Pre-Purchase offer with a discount and goes to checkout, THEN a draft order will be created and both ZP and OCU discounts will be applied at Checkout.

  2. IF the cart contains a product with ZP “dynamic” discount and an OCU Multi-Product Pre-Purchase offer popup is shown with a Free Shipping Bar or Discount Bar which takes into account the total cart value, THEN the ZP discount will be taken into account in the calculations of the total cart value.

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