In-Checkout Offer (Shopify Plus) [OCU]

Find out how the In-Checkout Offer can help boost your AOV even more!

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The "In-Checkout Offer" allows for an additional offer to be shown directly on the Shopify Checkout during the checkout process. Using the checkout page as an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell a complementary product can increase your store's average order value significantly.

After this offer type has been added to an upsell funnel, you can add it to your Shopify Checkout and choose the location you'd like it shown using Shopify's "Checkout Editor" available through their new checkout extensibility feature.

This offer type is available for Shopify Plus merchants only. Checkout extensibility is not compatible with checkout.liquid.

Adding an In-Checkout Offer

To add an In-Checkout Offer to an upsell funnel, follow the quick and easy steps below:

1. From the "Funnels" section, open an upsell funnel (1) or create a new one (2):

2. On the funnel edit screen, locate the "In checkout" offer section and click the "+ Add Upsell Offer" button:

3. Choose either "Create new offer" (1) to create a new in-checkout offer or "Copy an existing offer" (2) to copy an in-checkout offer you've already created in a different funnel. Click the "Continue" button:

4. Select the product or variant from the "Add Product" popup and click the "Add" button:

5. The in-checkout offer will be added to the funnel and will be ready for editing:

The Offer Editor

The Offer Editor is where you make edits to the In-Checkout Offer being presented to your customers.

To access the editor for the in-checkout offer, either click directly on the offer card (1) or on the "Edit Offer" button (2):

Within the Buy Box section of the editor, you can:

  • Select Product Variant(s) to use for the offer (1)

  • Set the offer product's Discount option (2):
    None - No discount will be set or displayed for the offer product.
    Percentage - Set a % based discount that applies to this offer only.
    Fixed amount - Set a $ based discount that applies to this offer only.
    Compare at price - Show the product's "Compare at price" as the discount. This option will pull in and display your product's compare at price set in Shopify admin.

    📝To use percentage or fixed amount discount types, click the "permissions" link to provide OCU with the needed permissions:

    An optional "Savings Label" (recommended) can be enabled as well to make the savings information even more prevalent!

    If percentage or fixed amount options are used, a Discount Title field will appear:

    Once the In-Checkout offer has been accepted and added to cart, the discount title will appear in the Order Summary section:

  • Enable/disable an Offer Description (3)

  • Enable/disable the "Hide offer..." setting (4), which prevents the offer from showing at checkout if the customer has already added it.

To edit the text copy for Offer Title, Product Title, Add button and Description simply click on a particular text element in the editor and edit as needed:

Preview your in-checkout offer on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices the in-app using the available preview options:

The placement of the offer will show in the default position (above the items in the order summary) in the editor, however, it can be shown in a different location on Shopify Checkout using the "Checkout Editor".

Don't forget to click the "Save" button in the top-right corner to save your changes after you're finished editing the offer:

Working with the Shopify Checkout Editor

Using the Shopify Checkout Editor, you can add the OCU in-checkout offer to your Shopify Checkout and choose the location you'd like it shown.

The offer must be added to your Shopify Checkout using the checkout editor before it can be shown to customers. Follow the quick and easy steps below:

1. Click the "Go to Checkout Editor" button in the offer editor:

2. Click the "+ Add app" button located in the bottom-left corner of the Checkout Editor:

3. Click the One Click Upsell - Zipify OCU app on the next screen:

4. Your in-checkout offer should show in the default position, above the items in the order summary (1). The offer can be moved to a different position via the drag and drop action (2). The " 🗑️ Remove app from checkout" button (3) can be clicked to remove the in-checkout offer from your Shopify Checkout:

5. To adjust the position of the offer at checkout to a different desired location, left-click and hold on the "Upsell" app and drag and drop it into the new position.
Click the "Save" button to save your changes:

📝The offer can be added to multiple locations at checkout if desired, by repeating steps 2-5 above.

Funnel details page (stats)

Shopify Plus merchant have an ability to check In-Checkout offer stats on Funnel details page (1) and the Funnels List (2).

📝Views for In-Checkout offers are only counted for completed checkouts. As with pre-purchase offers, abandoned checkouts are not counted towards In-Checkout views.

Important Notes

  1. The In-Checkout offer won’t be shown for customers if:

    1. OCU isn't added on the Shopify "Checkout Editor" page.

    2. On a "Drafter Order" Checkout, like one that is used if an OCU Pre-purchase offer with a discount is added by the customer.

    3. The OCU app is disabled.

    4. The Funnel with an In-Checkout offer is not published.

  2. Shopify Plus Merchant can duplicate one In-checkout offer by adding the OCU app several times using the Shopify "Checkout Editor". All of the offers can be shown to customers, but once the customer accepts one of the duplicates of this In-checkout offer, all other will disappears from the Checkout page.

  3. There's no ability to use a "subscription only" product as In-Checkout offer.

  4. On multi-currency checkouts, the offer will be shown in the default store currency, but if accepted it will be shown in the buyer's currency.

  5. For Percentage and Fixed amount discount types:
    a. Upon creating your first discount for an In-Checkout offer, an OCU Discount rule will appear in your Shopify admin panel.

    b. Deleting discounts manually in Shopify's admin may affect In-Checkout offer performance as the discount will not work until the corresponding offer is enabled or disabled.
    c. Avoid creating duplicate products with identical options for a single order, as Shopify only allows one discount per order. If duplicates exist, the discount will be divided and not applied to each product individually.
    d. If the same product as an In-Checkout offer is already in the customer's cart, the discount will not be shown.

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