Understanding Funnel & Offer Statistics [OCU]

Learn how to see the views and conversions for your funnels and offers, and check your data in real-time!

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Upsell Funnel Statistics

The Statistics available for your Upsell Funnels are broken down by the offer types:

  • Product Page Widget

  • Pre-Purchase

  • In-Checkout

  • Post-Purchase

  • TY Page Offer (Online Store)

  • TY Page Offer (Shop app)

To see statistics for each offer type, click the > button next to each funnel:

A Date Range selector is available so you can define statistics from a particular time period. The last 30 Days are the default. Click on the date selector to choose from a list of pre-defined ranges or to choose a custom one from the calendar.

Click the "Apply" button after you've made your selection:

The following Statistics are available for each offer type in each Upsell Funnel:





Product Page Widget

1 'View' will be recorded for each unique display of the widget, independent of how many products were viewed in the widget.
πŸ“Views amount is the number of times the offer was shown and the checkout was completed.

Calculated as a percentage of accepted offers.

A sum of all offer products revenue.

Offers revenue sum / Views


Total number of views for the pre-purchase offer for completed orders.

CR = ((number of "add to order" sold+number of "upgrade" sold)/funnel views)*100

Total/$ is a sum of all offer sales in the funnel.
​Taxes and shipping not taken into account. Discount code that was redeemed on the checkout is subtracted from the pre-purchase offer revenue.

Offers revenue sum / Views


Total number of views for all post-purchase offers

CR = ((number of upsells sold+number of downsells sold)/funnel views)*100

Total/$ is a sum of all offer sales+taxes+shipping in the funnel.

Offers revenue sum / Views

You can sort your Upsell Funnels and Statistics in ascending/descending order by any of the above statistics by clicking the statistic name at the top of the respective column:

In-Funnel Offer Statistics

OCU shows Total statistics for each individual offer within the Funnel Builder, so you can quickly gauge how well each one is performing. At-a-glance information is available for the following statistics on the offer card:

  • Views - The total number of times the offer was viewed in this funnel.

    πŸ“Views for pre-purchase offers will only be counted for completed checkouts regardless of how the customer interacts with the offer (accept, decline, or exit). Abandoned checkouts are not counted as pre-purchase views.

    πŸ“Views for In-Checkout offers are only counted for completed checkouts. As with pre-purchase offers, abandoned checkouts are not counted towards In-Checkout views.

  • Conversion - The conversion rate for this offer in this funnel. Calculated using the following formula: Conversion = (# of times offer was viewed )/(# of times offer was bought)

  • Revenue - The total revenue generated by the offer in this funnel.
    ​* For pre-purchase taxes + shipping are not taken into account, but discount code that was redeemed on the checkout is subtracted from the pre-purchase offer revenue.
    ​* For post-purchase taxes + shipping are included in the revenue.

  • Rev./Visit - Total revenue from the offer divided by the number of offer Views I.e. on average, how much extra $ is this offer making you per view.

You can also view these stats for Desktop and Mobile devices separately!

To do that, simply click on the dropdown arrow to see the stats separated by device type:

Orders With Offers

Orders which contain a Product Page, Pre-purchase, In-Checkout, Post-purchase and/or Thank You page offer(s) can easily be found in your Shopify admin Orders area by searching for the following tags there:

  • OCU Zipify Product Page Upsell Bought

  • OCU Zipify Pre-Purchase Upsell Bought

  • OCU Zipify In-Checkout Upsell Bought

  • OCU Zipify Post-Purchase Upsell Bought

  • OCU Zipify TY Upsell Bought

  • OCU Zipify Shop Mini TY Upsell Bought

  • OCU Zipify Shop Order Management Upsell Bought

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