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Ever wish you had a library built-in to the Zipify Pages app that contains all of your uploaded images and gif files so that you can easily use them in your pages and blog posts? Well your wish has been granted! Introducing the all-new Image Library for Zipify Pages 📷 🎉 

This functionality allows you to upload images/gifs and then easily re-use them from the library without needing to upload them again later. To use it in a page/blog post just click into an Image element within a block and select your image from the Library! 

Uploading and Changing Images

To upload your first image to the image library, click on an Image element within a page block and then click the "Upload" button from the image library popup to select your image/gif file from your computer.

Note:  The image library supports the following image types only:

  • JPG / JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF

The max file size supported for Images is 5 Mb and for GIFs is 6.5 mb

Note: The fastest way to add multiple images is to click the "Change" button after uploading an image and then click the "Upload" button again. That will allow you to quickly select another image to upload, then repeat that process until you've loaded your library with the images you want included: 

Working with the Image Library

Images can be sorted using one of the following presets: All Images, Most Used or Recently Used

Image Cropping functionality has been extended and includes presets for popular aspect ratios as well as a "Free" mode to crop it the way you'd like to. You can also Rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise as you see fit: 

You can apply Shape, Size and Border settings to your images before adding them to your page. Shape settings are separated from Border settings for better flexibility:

Images can be removed from the Library if no longer needed by clicking the delete button: 

Additional Notes and Features

The most important change is that we are now storing the original image when it's loaded to your Library. This means that you will always work with the unaltered image when selecting it from Library for use in a page/blog post.

This also allows us to create a set of optimized images (in different resolutions) in our back-end and automagically use the most optimal one for each screen resolution. This is the key to better page load speed. 

All new features described above are only available for images which have been added via the Library. To take advantage of the new functionality, you need to re-add image(s) into your existing page(s), otherwise it will continue to use the existing image with no optimizations and no access to the new crop/rotate interface.

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