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Settings [Zipify Pages]

Learn about the various Settings included to ensure you get the most out of your Zipify Pages!

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Working with the Settings section:

In the Settings section of the app you can find many helpful and useful features to get the most out of Zipify Pages:

Settings contain the following subsections:

  • General:

    • Upload a Favicon for your ZP pages.

    • Enable Zipify Analytics for in-app Statistics

    • Upload and Sync your Font file(s)

    • Manage App Assets (Template and Snippet files)

  • Section Settings:

    • ​Buy Box

      • Option to show unavailable variants for Buy Box blocks. Disabled by default.

      • Option to enable the Unit Price for Buy Box blocks, for merchants in Germany and France.

  • Image Library: Upload and manage all of the Image and GIF content you want to be included on your Zipify Pages.

  • Localization: Translate/change default texts for timers and CRM/Opt-in forms.

  • CRMs: Connect one or more supported CRM systems.

  • Integrations: Connect 3rd Party App Integrations.

  • Account - View information about your Zipify Pages subscription. Upgrade/Downgrade your subscription plan.

General Settings

In this section you can find the following 4 subsections:

Store Settings

  1. Use a separate Favicon for your Zipify Pages. Just click the "Upload favicon" button to upload an image file from your computer. Click the "Save" button after upload is complete.
    Supported file types include: .png / .jpg / .jpeg / .webp (will be converted to .jpeg)
    β€‹πŸ“128x128px PNG file is recommended


Enable Zipify Analytics to view data in the Statistics section of the app and run Split Tests:

πŸ“Pages will also use the built-in Google Analytics integration for Shopify to track statistics about your pages in Google Analytics.


In this section you can find the "Upload Custom Fonts" setting, allowing you to upload custom font files (.woff or .woff2 only) for use in the Zipify Pages text editor.

Just drag and drop your file(s) from your computer onto the available upload section or click the "choose file" option instead to find the file(s) on your computer:

πŸ“This feature supports .woff and .woff2 font file types only. If your font file is in a different format, use an online converter to convert it prior to uploading to Zipify Pages.

Once the upload process has completed successfully you will be shown a success banner:

Fonts files that are uploaded successfully will be included in the "Custom" section (at the bottom) of the font selector included in the text editor:

Below is a resource where you can find TONS of free font files:

When you find one you like, under Step 4 is the option to download the .zip file which will include the font file you've chosen in a number of file type formats including both .woff and .woff2:

Advanced Settings (Application Assets Management)

In this section, you will find the Application Assets Management options.

Refresh Assets:

Click the Refresh button to restore the app's Assets to their initial state in case you encounter any issues with the application.

Remove Assets:

Click the Remove button to remove the app's Assets from your theme before deleting the app from your store. The list of Assets you'll need to remove manually after clicking this button if desired can be found at the bottom of this help article.

πŸ“ If you change your Shopify theme, you'll need to click the Refresh button to add our Assets to your newly published Theme so that the app can function properly with it.

Section Settings

In this section you will find the "Buy Box" settings available so you can configure the default settings you'd like used for any new Buy Box sections added to your pages:

  • Show Unavailable Variants
    By default, sold-out product variants are not shown in the variant selector included in Buy Boxes on your Zipify Pages. If you'd like them shown instead, click the toggle to enable this setting.

  • Show Unit Price
    Enable the Unit Price setting for Buy Box blocks if you're a merchant in Germany or France since that is required for Shopify stores in those regions.

Image Library

In the Image Library section, you can upload and manage all of your Image and/or GIF content you want to be included on your various Zipify Pages page types:


The Localization setting allows you to control the language / set custom text in:

  • Optin Forms

  • Countdown Timers

By default, English will be used for the Opt-in Forms and Countdown Timer labels found within Zipify Pages. If you'd like a different language or custom text used for those labels instead, enter the new default language and click the "Save" button.

πŸ“To revert to the default text, clear the input field's value and click on the "Save" button.


In the CRMs section you can connect a supported CRM / ESP system for use with the Optin Forms included in Zipify Pages, to collect leads and grow your email subscriber list(s):

The Zipify Pages app currently provides you with the built-in ability to connect the following CRM/marketing automation systems:

  • ActiveCampaign

  • Aweber

  • MailChimp

  • Klaviyo

  • Infusionsoft

  • Ontraport

  • Drip

  • ConvertKit

  • GoToWebinar

  • Omnisend


In the Integrations section, you can enable/disable the built-in 3rd party app integrations available for Zipify Pages. Just click the switcher next to the app you already have installed and configured on your Theme to add that app's functionality to your Zipify Pages and/or Buy Boxes:

πŸ“Integrations should only be enabled for Apps that you already have installed and enabled on your published Theme. Enabling an integration for an app that you don't have installed and/or enabled will result in a Liquid Error I.e. Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/bold-pr.liquid showing up on all of your Zipify Pages.

Disable the integration(s) if you don't have the app(s) you've enabled the integration for and the liquid error will be removed from your pages.


In the Account section, you can see your current Zipify Pages subscription plan as well as upgrade or downgrade your account as needed.

Zipify Pages currently has four plan levels available so you can choose the perfect plan that fits your business and needs! Upgrade or downgrade your plan when you decide with no hidden fees:

There are also both Monthly and Yearly plans available. Get 2 months free by opting for the yearly plan.

Please contact us in Support Chat or via email if you have any questions we can help with!

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