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Gain knowledge and valuable insights from Zipify Pages with Zipify Analytics – Empower data-driven decisions for your ecommerce success!

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Zipify Analytics is a new tool for Zipify Pages that utilizes Shopify Pixels to track customer events and data on your store. The statistics dashboard will display key information about page visitor data on your Zipify Pages, such as views, revenue, conversion rate, transactions and average order value (AOV).

This allows you to see at-a-glance how your Zipify Pages are performing, during any time period, so you can make data-driven decisions.

Enabling Zipify Analytics

To enable Zipify Analytics, head to the Settings > General > Tracking section of your Zipify Pages app click the "Enable" button there for Zipify Analytics:

Once enabled, the Zipify Pages app pixel will be added at Settings > Customer events within your Shopify admin with a "Connected" status:

📝If you've enabled the Shopify cookie banner in specific regions, data is collected from visitors from those regions only after obtaining consent. By selecting the "Turn off cookie banner but keep selected regions enabled" option, customer data will not be collected.

The "Statistics" section

In the "Statistics" section of the Zipify Pages app, you can see all of the data collected by Zipify Analytics from the time it's enabled. Only stats for your Zipify Pages will be taken into account. The pixel does not track any pages on your store which weren't created and published in the Zipify Pages app. Data is updated every 30 minutes.

Key "Total" metrics across all your Zipify Pages will be displayed at the top of the dashboard:




The total amount the customer paid (including Shipping + Taxes - Discounts)

📝Excludes post-checkout offers

Conversion Rate

Number of Transactions / Total Number of Sessions


Total number of transactions (orders)

Avg. Order Value

Revenue / Number of Transactions

Page views

Total Number of ZP pages views

Unique visitors

Number of unique users who visited ZP page(s)

* All products in the cart are included for Revenue calculation I.e. visitor opens a non-ZP page, adds product(s) with Revenue = $10. Visitor then navigates to a ZP page, adds product(s) with Revenue = $20 → Total Revenue for ZP page = $30

You can also view Page Statistics in the table below the graph, to see how each specific page is performing:

The pages in the table can be sorted by ascending/descending order for any metric by clicking on the corresponding metric name (Page Views, Transactions, Conversion Rate, etc) in the header of each column.

Selecting Date Ranges & Comparing Data

To select a specific date range for the statistics data, click on the date selector where you can choose from a variety of preset options:

Choosing the "Custom" option will display a calendar where you make select a specific date range:

To compare statistics data against a previous date range, check the "Compare to previous dates" box and then choose the date range you'd like to compare data from:

Click the "Apply" button to apply your selections to the data table and graph:

Data points in the graph can be viewed in Day/Week/Month increments by choosing the corresponding option (1) from the table. You can also compare metrics (2) against one another in the graph by making your selections from the dropdown menus:

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