Favorite Blocks [Zipify Pages]

Learn how to easily Save and Re-use your Favorite ZP Page Blocks!

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The "Favorite Blocks" functionality allows you to save your favorite Zipify Pages Blocks that you want to re-use on different pages. The blocks you save as favorites will be stored in their own Blocks category called "Favorites" at the top of the Block Library when going to add a block to your page:


  • Favorites are the very first category in the block library list.

  • The number of blocks you can add to the Favorites category is unlimited.

  • Favorite blocks are listed by most recently added.

Adding a Favorite Block

To save a block you've configured as a Favorite, simply click the โ˜… icon in the top-right corner of the block, which is shown after the block is hovered over:

After the block has been added to the Favorites category, it will immediately become available for selection and re-use on your Zipify Pages:

Managing Favorite Blocks

  • The Name of a Favorite block can be changed after it has been added to the Favorites blocks category, to help distinguish it from others.

  • A Favorite Block can be Deleted if no longer needed.

To edit the Name of a favorite block:

1. Double-click on the โœ๏ธ icon or on the block title from the Favorites category in the Block Library.

2. Rename the favorite block to whatever you'd like used, something that will help you organize and differentiate it from other similar blocks.

3. Press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to Save the new name to the block.

To Delete a favorite block:

1. Click the ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ icon for the Favorite block you want to delete from the Favorites category in the Block Library.

2. Confirm the delete action by clicking the "OK" button in the confirmation popup.

๐Ÿ“A Favorite block that has been deleted from the Favorites category is only deleted from the category and not on any page(s) where you may be currently using the block.

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