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A pre-purchase upsell offer is an offer that is made before the customer is redirected to Shopify Checkout to pay for their order. The "Multi-product Pre-purchase" offer type allows for adding multiple different products to the cart, including in different quantities and discounts if desired. It also includes a "Free Shipping Bar" functionality, which can be enabled to incentive customer's to add more products to their cart to receive Free Shipping.

Creating a Pre-Purchase Multi-Product Offer

The pre-purchase multi-product offer is a great option to use if you'd like to present your customers with more than one offer they can add within the pre-purchase popup. Up to 5 products are able to be featured!

Follow the steps below to create a pre-purchase multi-product offer:

1. Within an OCU funnel, find the "Pre-Purchase Upsell Offer" position and click the "Choose Product" button there:

2. In the popup, select the "Add multiple products to the cart (up to 5 products)" option, then click the "Continue" button:

3. In the "Add products" popup, select the products you'd like to offer (up to 5) by checking the box next to each one, then click the "Add" button:

4. The multi-product offer will be added to the funnel and is ready for editing.
Click anywhere on the pre-purchase offer card to open the popup editor where you can further edit your pre-purchase offer popup and the offers being made:

📝If you haven't used all 5 available product slots, a "Choose Product" button will be located below the pre-purchase offer card where you can add additional product(s) if desired.

5. Within the pre-purchase popup editor, you can edit both the appearance of the popup and the offer products you've added to it:

6. The "Buy Boxes" section is where offer product editing is performed, the remaining sections are for the popup appearance and styles.
To edit a particular offer product, either click into the Buy Boxes section and then on the product you want to edit OR click on a text element for a particular product in the popup preview window:

The remaining steps for editing a pre-purchase popup and the products is basically the same as gone over above in the "Working with the Editor" section of this article. Refer to the information there for further details.

📝You're able to apply different "Discount" types and levels to each of the products featured in the multi-offer upsell popup:

Star Rating + Unique Selling Proposition (USP) elements

Unlike the "Single product" Pre-purchase offer types, the Multi-product type includes a Start Rating (1) and USP Image (2) and USP Text (3) elements which can be enabled for each product featured in the popup:

To enable the Star Rating element for a product, click into the Buy Box section for the product and click the "Star Rating" toggle to enable the element:

The Star Value (1), Filled Star Color (2) and Empty Star Color (3) can all be adjusted from the sidebar to match your product rating and branding:

To enable the USP Image and/or USP Text elements, click into the Buy Box section for the product and scroll to the bottom. There you will find click the "USP Image" and "USP Text" toggles which can be enabled independently, or both simultaneously:

A default USP Image is provided. To use a different image instead, click the 🗑️ icon and then on the "Choose Image" button that appears after that.

📝Recommended image dimensions for USP Image is 200 x 50 px

Changing the Priority of Products in the Pre-Purchase Multi-Product Offer

If you'd like to change the order in which the products included in the pre-purchase multi-product offer are shown, follow the quick and easy steps below:

1. If your funnel is currently published, unpublish it first by clicking on the "Unpublish Funnel" button located in the top-right corner:

2. Once the funnel is unpublished, click the "Change Priority" button:

3. Drag and drop the products included in your pre-purchase multi-product offer into the desired order and then click the "Done" button once finished:

4. Click the "Publish Funnel" button to publish the funnel live again and your pre-purchase multi-product offers will be shown in the new order you've set:

Free Shipping Bar

This feature allows you to replace the Headline Banner on the pre-purchase multi-product popup with a Free Shipping Bar.

The Free Shipping Bar has a $ value goal that must be set. The goal will be set in the Store currency. The bar will appear partially filled initially, as it will take into account product(s) that are already present in the cart. As a customer adds more product(s), the bar will gradually fill up. Once the customer adds enough units/items from the pre-purchase popup, they will be informed that they were granted Free Shipping. Free shipping can be granted only for this particular order.

To add a Free Shipping Bar to your multi-product pre-purchase popup, follow the quick and easy steps below:

1. Select "Free Shipping Bar" from the Headline > Headline Type section of the popup builder:

2. The following settings will appear in the sidebar:

  • Free Shipping Threshold” is the goal that must be reached in order to get free shipping for the order.

  • Color pickers for the progress bar.

3. The free shipping bar has two text messages:

  • Progress Message - is shown when the goal is not yet reached.
    By default, It contains the {{amount_left}} variable that will show how much is left to reach the goal.

    Example: Only {{amount_left}} away from free shipping!

  • Goal Reached Message - is shown when the free shipping goal is reached.
    Example: Congratulations! You've got free shipping

Click on a message in the builder to invoke the text editor popup with both messages included on it:

4. You can switch between messages on the interactive preview by selecting/deselecting product(s) directly within the preview:

📝If a customer gets free shipping, then "Granted free shipping" will be displayed as the shipping method and the cost will be "Free" on the Payment step of the checkout, and in the Order details in Shopify admin.

Without at least one OCU trigger (for any funnel) or OCU offer product in the cart, OCU will no longer track that cart's eligibility for free shipping. In order to prevent a loophole of achieving free shipping with a cart value lower than the goal, OCU will remove free shipping if the customer removes all OCU trigger and offer products from their cart.

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