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Pre-Purchase Upgrade Offers [OCU]

Learn about upgrade offers for your pre-purchase upsells!

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Unlike the standard Pre-Purchase Upsell offer that adds the trigger product to the customer's cart, the Pre-Purchase Upgrade Offer allows you to replace the trigger product with your offer product! If you have a product that comes in different sizes, is part of a bundle or has a premium version, this is a great way to encourage the customer to swap up and increase your AOV!

Adding a Pre-Purchase Upgrade Offer

Navigate to the pre-purchase offer section and click on Create Offer.

From there, select "Upgrade an existing product in the cart". Then choose either:

  • Select the product manually - Manually select the product to use as the upgrade offer

  • Same product as added to cart - Dynamically present the same product the customer added to cart as the upgrade. A different variant can be configured to show.

...and click the Continue button:

For the "Select the product manually" option, select your offer product (1) from the popup then click the "Add" button (2):

Once your offer product is selected and added, click on it to access the pre-purchase upgrade offer editor.

Notes About the Editor

The Pre-Purchase Upgrade offer is mostly similar to the Pre-Purchase Add To Cart offer, but there are some key differences:

These text additional sections can be edited in the Upgrade Pre-Purchase offer.

  • Product Title

  • "This Product Will Replace"

  • Upgrade Order button

Upgrade Offer Revenue Statistic

The revenue calculation for the Upgrade Offer type is the difference in price between the trigger product and the offer product only. For example, if the trigger product is $20 and the upgrade offer product is $25, OCU calculates $5 in revenue for an accepted offer.

If there was Shopify discount code applied at checkout that discounts the upgrade offer, it's also taken into account in revenue calculation. For example if the trigger product is $20 and the customer adds a $25 upgrade offer. Then applies a 10% discount code at checkout bringing the price down to $22.50. OCU calculates the difference in price between the trigger product and the discounted upgrade offer only as revenue, in this case $2.50.


Can you offer an upgrade to a larger size?

Yes, you can! Simply add the smaller size as the trigger and the larger size as the offer product.

Can you upgrade to a larger quantity?

Yes. There is a Predefined Quantity option which can be enabled to set a specific quantity for your upsell.
πŸ“If using predefined quantity, it's recommended to also enable showing the quantity selector, otherwise it won't be clear to the customer how many items they're adding.

Can the customer change the quantity?

Yes, there is a Quantity Selector option in the "Buy Box" tab of the editor.
πŸ“If the customer selects a certain offer quantity, then the upgrading product will substitute the same quantity of an initial product, and if the quantity of an initial product is bigger, the difference will be kept in the cart.
​Case 1: 1 item of initial product β€”> 3 items of upgrading product = 3 items of upgrading product in cart

Case 2: 3 items of initial product β€”> 2 items of upgrading product = 1 item of initial product + 2 items of upgrading product in cart

Can you create a bundle as an upgrade offer?

Yes, but the bundle has to be created as a Shopify product first. The offer page isn't designed to combine multiple products.

Can you split-test this offer Upgrade vs the multi-product offer?

Yes, you can! All offer types for pre-purchase can be split-tested against one another.

Can you upgrade to a subscription?

Subscription products are compatible with Pre-Purchase offers, but only for the Recharge Subscription app currently! Click here to learn more about how pre-purchase offers work with subscription products.

What happens if the customer has multiple triggers for this upgrade offer in the cart? Which product will be swapped out?

If a customer has multiple trigger products for the upgrade offer in their cart, the first trigger product in the cart will be swapped out for the upgrade offer.

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